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Get inspired for a holiday to Albania

Albanie Blue Eye

Snow-capped mountains, mirror-like lakes, quaint towns and blissful beaches. That’s Albania in a nutshell, fascinating in its diversity. From rafting down a scenic canyon to whipping up a traditional dinner with a local family, there are experiences for every that will make your adventure memorable. You might even dip into Greece for a day if you fancy ticking off two countries in one holiday! Make it three and venture from Lin to Ohrid in North Macedonia, right across the lake. Read on to learn about our most favourite locations and to get inspired for your next adventure to Albania!

Our top things to do on a holiday to Albania

Explore the great outdoors

Kayak across the vast Komani lake, beat the rapids of the mountainous rivers, explore the boundless green valleys on a horseback or walk the famous Valbona pass in the Albanian Alps. There’s just so much to do in every corner of Albania! Our Travel Specialists will recommend you the best adventures tailored to your taste.

berat in albanie

Discover Albania’s unique history

What really makes Albania stand out is its unique blend of cultures that have influenced the country over the centuries. You can find traces of ancient Romans and Greeks, Byzantines and Turks, Venetians and the more recent communist era as you travel through the country. Some of the most incredible examples of Ottoman architecture can be found in the castle towns of Gjirokastra and Berat, the latter often going by its romantic nickname of “the city of thousand windows”.

Laze on the dreamy Riviera

Is there anything better than unwinding on a beautiful beach, with the warm blue sea stretching in front of you as far as you can see? There might be, sure, but that’s how we like to end our adventures! And Albania has got some aces up the sleeves. With plenty of scenic secluded bays, the country’s coastline has a spot for everyone, whether you prefer dramatic cliffs, pebbles or golden sand.


Best time to visit Albania

For the best weather, venture to Albania between April and October. The longer days and dry weather across the country will help you maximise your time exploring.

Albania is swiftly becoming an up-and-coming destination, so booking in advance is recommended. Our travel specialists will help you choose the best spots to visit and provide with all the necessary recommendations for your trip.