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Our bite-sized Panama Trips

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Panama island palms sand and sea

Ah, Panama. An undiscovered gem of warm turquoise waters and powdery sand, with wild and wonderful cloud forests cloaked in ethereal mist. There’s something here for everyone. Sip on local coffee in colonial plazas or fresh coconut milk with indigenous communities, hike through the hills or kick back on a tropical island paradise; a Panama holiday is the perfect place for a truly authentic adventure. Better go before the secret’s out! You choose from our bite-sized trips below and we will piece them together to create a tailor-made holiday.


Speak to our Panama specialist, Ceri

“I know Panama really well and my most memorable time there was spent on the beautiful San Blas islands, living among the Kuna people. Its got such a laid-back atmosphere, plus stunning snorkelling spots too!”

Trinidad Cuba Rickshaw Travel Specialist Ceri learns to play the drums
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