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We believe in making sure that the destinations we sell benefit from travellers visiting them. To aid this endeavour we support Earthly with their nature-based projects. Nature-based solutions protect, better manage and restore ecosystems while addressing global challenges. All of Earthly’s nature-based projects remove carbon, restore biodiversity and improve livelihoods.

As well as ensuring that £5 for every traveller we send away on holiday is contributed to Earthly, we also like to carry out little in-house fundraising events ourselves. You can keep up to date on our fundraising efforts through our blog.

How it works

  1. Find out about the projects that Earthly is currently supporting here
  2. We’ll contribute £5 for every traveller that travels with us
  3. Keep checking back here for new projects and the success stories you’ve helped make possible

Why only nature-based solutions?

Because they fight climate change, reverse diversity loss and help people thrive across the world. They are partnerships with nature to protect and regenerate precious ecosystems from tropical forests to coastal mangroves, peatlands to working lands.

Nature-based solutions not only sequester carbon, they also provide co-benefits like boosting biodiversity and improving the livelihoods of local people.

All Earthly’s projects are handpicked for their carbon-busting power and ability to set people and nature on the path to recovery.

“Nature-based solutions can contribute a third of the mitigation needed by 2030 to stabilise warming to below 2°C, but a lack of investment means their potential is not yet being fully tapped.”