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About Rickshaw Albania

Our travel specialists are here to help you plan your dream holiday to Albania. Using their first-hand knowledge, they’ll provide you with top tips and give advice on all the best locations and experiences that will enhance your adventure. We pride ourselves on our excellent customer service which will continue throughout the life of your holiday, from initial enquiry to your return home. Whilst you’re away you’ll also have the 24-hour support of our local English-speaking partners in Albania. Find out more about our Albania travel specialists below…


Albania is one of Europe’s last remaining “hidden gems”, although it’s not hard to see why it’s slowly growing in popularity. Albania has stolen my heart from the very first encounter, and ever since my first visited I’ve been urging everyone I know to visit this incredible country. From the incredible mountains in the north, to the stunning beaches along the riviera and all the fascinating history in between, it’s a great option for those looking for a unique adventure without flying long-haul!

Steve Travel Specialist Mountains
David Travel Specialist


I love the pristine beaches in the south and the stunning clear lakes that Albania offers. But what really makes it so special for me is the hospitality of the local people. You feel welcome everywhere you go, but staying in a locally owned guesthouse and enjoying home cooked meals will make your holiday very special!