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Accommodation in Albania

Hotels and guesthouses carefully selected by our team

We believe that accommodation can make or break the holiday, and here at Rickshaw we’re all about enhancing your experience during your travels. That’s why we carefully select all the hotels and guesthouses we work with, only choosing characterful small-scale properties and locally owned boutique hotels.

Whether it’s a historical hotel hidden in one of Gjirokaster’s nooks, a safar-style tent overlooking the mountain gorge or s family-run guesthouse in the countryside, you will feel immersed into Albania’s culture and traditions.

How it works

We work with a number of similar standard properties in every location, each visited by our team and hand-picked for their comfort, character, location and facilities. This gives us flexibility, improves availability during busy seasons, and means that no matter what option is booked, your experience won’t be impacted.

Your travel specialist will talk you through the options and offer upgrades where they are available to make your holiday that extra bit special.

Here’s what to expect from your Rickshaw accommodation in Albania.

Standard accommodation

Most of our Albania accommodation fits into our standard category. We value comfort and character over star ratings, but these properties would usually be 3* or sometimes 4*. Expect plenty of character, great location and heaps of hospitality.

In Style accommodation

If you’d like to add a touch of luxury to your holiday, even if just for a few days, we can range upgrades in most locations. Chat with your Travel Specialist and get their best advice on the available options. Our In Style hotels will offer that extra bit of comfort and a few more facilities (infinity pool anyone?), plus the looks!

Special stays

Some of our accommodation is so unique it doesn’t fit any category. Sometimes it’s even more luxurious than our upgrades, sometimes the facilities are standard or even basic, but the setting is out of this world and the experience is just so special. That’s why we call them “special stays”.

Talk to your Travel Specialist about these options to make your adventures even more memorable.

Simple accommodation

In some places, we think that creating an unforgettable experience makes it worth ‘roughing it’ for a night or two. Staying in a tiny hut perched atop of a mountain or spending a couple of nights with a local family on a farm in the middle of nowhere may not sound fancy, but the experience and the memories well make up for the occasional lack of facilities. On top of it, your money will go directly to the local community!

When planning your adventure, your travel specialist will talk you through the places you’ll stay at and will be happy to help you choose the upgrades or request alternatives to suit your needs.

Ready to start planning your perfect holiday? Get in touch!