Why Rickshaw

Why Rickshaw

  • We offer flexibility so we can build a travel plan around you
  • We use our local knowledge to get you closer to your destination
  • We provide all the support you need to travel independently
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Who we are

At Rickshaw we're all about people, providing authentic adventures, offering expert advice, helping you experience local cultures and travel independently in a worry free way.


Get inspired to explore Myanmar
Get inspired to travel in Myanmar. Learn about best trekking options, ways to combine with Thailand, and more...
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A deer eating his lunch surrounded by blossoming cherry trees


Our favourite bits of Japan - Get inspired!
Japan will inspire you, no matter what your interests. Love gadgets? No problem! Culture & history? Oodles of it! Food? Of course! Get inspired by Japan.
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Tasty Travels

Our Guide to Famous Food and Drink of Japan

23rd August 2017 by James

When you think about Japanese food, the first thing that springs to mind is sushi, right? However, there's so much more than Sushi... Find out more!

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Top Tips

Our 7 Top Holiday Destinations for 2018

4th July 2017 by James

In need of some travel inspiration? We've done our own research to pick our top 7 holiday destinations for 2018.

15 min read

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