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Build your own Japan trip

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Mount Fuji

Japan experiences tailored to you

  • Personalised travel advice

  • In-destination support

  • ABTOT & ATOL financial protection

Japan is a land of contradictions. From ancient Shinto traditions in Kyoto and time-honoured temples to Tokyo’s neon-lit foodie streets, and the heartbreaking memorials of Hiroshima, our Japan holidays are packed with intrigue and excitement. Get ready to experience Japan, the Rickshaw way.

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Bite-sized trips, itineraries or tailor-made trips

We have a range of meaningful travel experiences and small-scale accommodation throughout Japan. Our bite-sized trips include your transport, a place to stay and activities, usually spanning 2-5 days in length. You can choose from our flexible bite-sized trips and create your own bespoke holiday to Japan or get inspired with one of our ready-made itineraries

Our travel specialists are destination experts and can advise you on the best routes, excursions and accommodation to suit your wishes. Get in touch with our team to start planning your dream Japan holiday.

A peek at our Japan experiences

We are passionate about sharing our favourite places in Japan with you! You can choose from our bite-sized trips to create a bespoke holiday or let us do the work with our expertly crafted itineraries.

Mount Fuji

Japan in a Nutshell

  • Tokyo - Hakone/Mount Fuji - Kyoto - Tokyo
  • 10 days / 9 nights (flexible)
  • From £ 1,975.- per person (excluding flights)
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Bite-sized trip

Let’s Go Tokyo!

  • Tokyo
  • 3 days / 2 nights (flexible)
  • from £ 585.- per person (excluding flights)
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Bite-sized trip

At the foot of Fuji

  • Hakone/Mount Fuji
  • 3 days / 2 nights (flexible)
  • from £ 375.- per person (excluding flights)
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Mount Fuji

Ancient Forts & Futuristic Cities

  • Tokyo - Hakone/Fuji - Hiroshima - Kyoto - Osaka - Kanazawa - Tokyo
  • 15 days / 14 nights (flexible)
  • From £ 3,015.- per person (excluding flights)
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Bite-sized trip

Castle in the Clouds

  • Matsumoto
  • 3 days / 2 nights (flexible)
  • from £ 238.- per person (excluding flights)
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Speak to our Japan specialist, David

“I love the retro-futuristic vibes of Tokyo, not to mention the tasty donburi! Staying in a traditional ryokan and bathing in the natural hot springs (onsen) are particular highlights for me.”

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Why book with Rickshaw Travel

  • Peace of mind

  • Knowledgeable travel specialists

  • Responsible travel

Peace of mind

Book with confidence, knowing that our holidays are ABTOT protected. And for added peace of mind, we can arrange your ATOL protected flights too. Booking everything under one roof means we can take care of any flight changes and tweak your itinerary, so you don’t need to worry.

Knowledgeable travel specialists

Our knowledgeable travel specialists will help you piece together your independent and stress-free Japan holiday. They’ll take the hassle away by personalising a unique itinerary that ticks all of your boxes. You’ll even have 24/7 support from our local partners while you’re away.

Responsible travel

Our holidays are designed to make good things happen, for you and the places you visit. We believe that tourism can be a force for good, so we strive to preserve and support local communities wherever we go.  In Japan, you’ll stay in locally-run accommodation and get close to the culture, nature, and the people that make the country what it is. Whether it’s staying in hand-picked ryokans or taking part in a traditional tea ceremony with a Sado Master.

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More Japan information and inspiration

Got some questions about travelling to Japan? Our travel blog has lots of helpful information and inspiration for your trip. Check out some of our blogs below to get started. 

Rickshaw brings you closer

Japan has some internationally known places which we would always recommend including in your itinerary, but we also love to show off the lesser-explored places where you can get a true taste of Japanese culture. 

Our travel specialists are passionate about helping you plan a memorable and meaningful trip to Japan. With bags of knowledge, they can help you create the holiday to Japan you’ve always wanted. If you are looking for helpful tips to get started check out our inspiration page.

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Travel with impact

Meaningful travel is at the core of what we do at Rickshaw Travel. Ensuring you experience the real destination whilst having a positive impact on the people, places and communities you visit. We use small-scale locally run accommodation wherever we can in Japan and utlise local guides extensive knowledge for the best experience possible. We look to maintain fair prices so in turn our guides, drivers and hoteliers can earn a fair wage, whilst you have an unforgettable holiday to Japan.

Practical information about Japan

The practical side to planning a trip to Japan isn’t always at the top of anyones list but we are here to help. We have put together some advice to help you before and during your trip – then you can focus on the exciting bit!

Get the low down on all you need to know from visas, passport info and money matters to the best time to travel to Japan.

train in Japan

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