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Getting around Albania

General information

Nothing beats a good road trip, and the best way of travelling around Albania is certainly by car. You’ll have all freedom you need to explore the country the way you want. Start at the crack of dawn or have a lazy morning, make as many stops along the way as you like or wander off for a little detour – there are no rules (apart from the highway code). We have a range of cars, from small to large depending on the size of your party and your itinerary.

Driving Licence

As long as you have a full UK driving license, we will be able to hire your car for you without the need for an International Driving Permit, however you must carry your license with you at all times. For the most up to date information about driving abroad head over to the UK Government website

Hire Car Options

There are different sizes and types of vehicles available to hire depending on how many of you will be travelling. Talk to your Travel Specialist about the options or ask them for their recommendation for your itinerary.

Queparo historisch dorp Albanese Riviera

Car with driver

If driving on the other side of the road through an unknown country doesn’t sound like your type of adventure, we’ve got you covered too. Opt for a hired car with a local driver, who will take you around Albania with ease. Talk to your Travel Specialist about this option. The price will include fuel charge, your driver’s accommodation costs and their fair wages.