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How we work

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Our holidays are tailor-made to suit you. Choose from our range of flexible bite-sized trips or pick a ready-made itinerary to get started.

Our travel specialists will make planning effortless. They’ll listen to your needs and piece together a personalised holiday that’s packed with unique experiences and memorable accommodation.

Step 1: Choose your favourite trips

Pick and choose the bite-sized trips that catch your eye and add them to your travel plan.

If you don’t fancy building your holiday using our bite-sized trips, you can choose one of our ready-made itineraries, which are totally flexible.

Step 2: Request a quote

Once you’ve added your trips or itinerary to your travel plan, you can send it our way to get a quote. Our team of travel specialists will then get in touch with you to chat further about your exciting holiday.

Using their in-depth knowledge and touching upon their own personal travel experiences, they’ll talk you through your itinerary ideas, recommending the most logical routes and giving tips on the best places to visit. They’ll link your trips together using a combination of local accommodation and transport options. They can even organise your international flights, meaning your whole trip is booked and protected under one roof.

Step 3: Tweak & book your trip

Next, your travel specialist will send you your own personalised itinerary with a quote which includes details of your day-by-day, examples of the unique accommodation you’ll stay in and your transport links.

Want to make a change? No problem. Your travel specialist will work with you to tweak and alter your trip until you’re happy. Once your final itinerary has been crafted, we’ll ask for a small deposit for your land arrangements and full payment for any international flights booked.

Our deposit system for your land arrangements is based on your departure date and works as follows:
  • Departure in 3 calendar months or more: 20% deposit
  • Departure within 1 to 3 calendar months: 50% deposit
  • Departure in less than 1 calendar month: 75% deposit
Then, we’ll get in touch with our local partners to finalise the intricate details and get your trip all booked up for you. All you have to do now is  just sit back and relax while we arrange everything for you.

Step 4: Get ready to go

After everything has been confirmed and you’ve booked your trip, we’ll email you a package of travel documents, including your full accommodation details and information about our local partners in the destination.

This will also include an emergency contact number and the office addresses. Our local partners will be available 24/7 to lend a hand with anything that you need during your trip. Being located within the destination itself, they’re in a really good position to help you out if any issues arise during your trip.

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Step 5: Meet your personal online travel assistant – Tess!

Introducing Tess, your free-of-charge virtual travel assistant! She’s here to be your personal guru throughout your trip, offering tips via WhatsApp. From the best dining spots to must-see attractions, hiking trails, and more, Tess ensures you never miss a gem on your travels. No registration needed; Tess will contact you shortly before departure via Whatsapp, and you can unsubscribe at anytime. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with Tess as your trusty travel companion!

Step 6: Welcome home

Once you return home the fun doesn’t stop there. Your travel specialist will give you a call to see how your trip went. Customer feedback is really important to us, so be honest and let us know what in particular made your trip so special.

At Rickshaw, we know that list of must-see places never gets shorter, so we’re sure you’ll be ready to get your next adventure all booked up. It means a lot to us when our customers return to us, so to celebrate, we’ll always include a special excursion or upgrade in your next trip. It’s just our way of saying ‘thank you’ for continuing to travel the Rickshaw way.

Refer a friend

Tell your friends about your Rickshaw experience and, as a thank you, you’ll get to choose a fabulous gift from us and they’ll have an amazing holiday!