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Our Pick of Top Travel Gifts!


Christmas shopping can be easy when you get the experts involved! Think of us as your personal shoppers, navigating the way through the crowds to the perfect Christmas presents for your travel-loving friends and family. Here are some of our top travel gift suggestions for the holidays:
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Point It‘ is a great little book that you can use in destinations where English isn’t widely spoken. With over a 1000 photos to point at, it’s a great way to communicate with the locals.

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I’m definitely the kind of person who like to swot up on the local lingo when I travel! So for this reason, a travelling phrase book would be my ideal travel gift and it was an essential item on my recent trip to Sri Lanka. I also think it’s something that most people really wouldn’t invest in themselves but once they start using it would love it!


Depending on how studious the receiver is I would get them a Rosetta Stone pack so that they could make a start on learning a few phrases for their holidays and perhaps a small notebook with a pen attached for writing a journal along the way.

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My travel gift idea is pretty practical- but brilliant if you are in the wildness with no electricity! If you know your traveller friend’s phone holds the key to their music, contacts, emails and travel details why not get them a portable charger? It will hold a charge to make sure that when their battery dies they are not caught short. You can also get ones that also charge iPods, and even ones that have an inbuilt torch- genius!


My idea sounds cliché I’m afraid! I would suggest buying someone a big photo album that they can put all their pictures in. That way they can look back at all the place they have been lucky enough to travel too.
I have lots of different photo albums of all my trips and I still look at them all the time!

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Emma K

I would have to suggest…a pink penknife. I was bought this as my a going away gift on my first travels back in 1999, its my trusty companion and still goes everywhere with me! It has a nail file, scissors, tweezers – all a well groomed backpacker could ever want. I love it and would be devastated if I ever lost it!!