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Iceland: A Family Winter Adventure


  • Itinerary:
    Reykjavik - Golden Circle - Vik - Keflavik
  • Duration:
    7 days / 6 nights (flexible)
  • Price:
    from £ 1,598.- per adult (excluding flights)
  • from £1,595 per child (up to 11 years)
Iceland is the ultimate winter wonderland for families that are looking for a fun alternative holiday. Stay in family-friendly cottages, witness the incredible northern lights, discover spouting geysers and play around in the deep snow. You’ll also get the chance to marvel at Vik’s dramatic black lava rocks or take the plunge and snorkel between two continental plates. On this trip, we’ve ensured that everything is done in a family-friendly way, so that you can fully enjoy your holiday together.
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Days 1-3 – Welcome to Reykjavik!

Spot snow-capped peaks and volcanic craters from the plane window as you fly into Keflavik airport. Once you touch down, collect your rental car and venture into the city. Reykjavik is a compact and trendy city that is home to over half of the Icelandic population. The modern architecture, shops, young people and boutique restaurants give the city a quirky Nordic touch. You’ll stay in a hotel that is centrally located with authentic Scandinavian design, offering you a comfortable and stylish retreat amidst the city’s vibrant energy. Let the charm of Reykjavik unfold before you, as you settle into your accommodation, ready to embark on an unforgettable Icelandic adventure.

You’ll have the next day free for you to head out and explore the city. Zigzag your way through streets full of brightly coloured houses to Hallgrimskirkja, Reykjavik’s famous church that rises 75 meters above the surrounding houses. Take the elevator to the viewpoint at the top of the tower and grab yourself a photo with the whole city as your background. Continue onwards to the old harbour, where you can learn about the first Viking settlers at the Vikin-Maritime museum. As the night roles in, you’ll jump on board your boat in Reykjavik harbour to seek out the awesome auroras of the majestic Northern Lights. The extended winter nights offer the perfect opportunity to make this special event possible and we highly recommend witnessing it whilst sailing off the coast. Don’t forget to not just look up but also look behind you, as the snow-capped peaks and distant city lights of Reykjavik make the whole experience simply breath-taking. The magic of the Northern Lights combined with the natural beauty that surrounds you will leave you in a state of wonder and awe.

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Days 3-5 – Spouting geysers & crashing falls

You’ll have already picked up your hire car at Keflavik airport on arrival, so you’re ready and set for the open road! After your stay you’ll drive from Reykavik to Golden Circle. The driving time is approx. 2 hours, but you may wish to make stops along the way. We recommend a stop at Thingvellir en route, where you’ll find a gap between the European and American continental plates in a national park that’s well worth checking out. From Thingvellir, you’ll then continue to the Golden Circle, where you will find Iceland’s highest spouting geyser, Strokkur. Be sure to have your camera ready, as you can take spectacular pictures here. In the evening, check into your family cottage and after such an exciting day seeing the sights, take the time to unwind and enjoy a comforting dinner. You’ll have a whole day free the next day and we’ll arrange tickets for you to visit the Secret Lagoon, one of the oldest thermal baths in Iceland. Between the different baths you walk through a world of moss and steam, giving you a magical feeling.

It’s worth getting up early before checking out and leaving today, so that you have enough time to visit the spectacular Gullfoss waterfall before all the day trippers arrive. This way you have all the peace and space to grab yourself some beautiful photos. The water begins at the glacial river Hvítá and plunges here like a perpendicular water curtain into a 70 meter deep gorge. There are also fantastic views over the Gullfoss from all sides and when the sun shines, you almost always see a rainbow here. After your visit to Gullfoss, you will leave the Golden Circle region and continue your journey through Iceland.

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Days 5-6 – Vikings & volcanoes

Today you’ll drive from Golden Circle to Vik. The driving time is approx. 2 hours, but you may wish to make stops along the way. Leaving the geyser area behind you, you’ll be on your way to the coastal village of Vik. On the way, stop off at Iceland’s most active volcano, Hekla. Here you can view the ruins of an old Viking farm that was only excavated in 1900 and also see its replica. Make sure to also stop at Seljalandsfoss and Skógafoss, two incredibly photogenic waterfalls. The area flourishes with green flora and at Seljalandsfoss you can actually walk behind the waterfall for a truly magical experience. With the Hekla summit to your left, continue your drive slowly eastwards.

Drive further down the ring road for a visit to the film exhibition of the mighty Eyjafjallajökul volcano, which shut down all European air traffic in 2010. In the evening you will arrive at the coastal village of Vík, where you will spend the night in a cosy family cottage. Nearby are Black Sand Beach and Reynisfjara Beach, known for their black lava beaches and the angular basalt rocks that rise from the water. With a bit of luck you can also see puffins at Cape Dyrhólaey from the historic lighthouse there. After breakfast the following day, check out and continue your journey.

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Days 6-7 – Secrets of the Blue Lagoon

Today you’ll drive from Vik to Keflavik. The driving time is approx. 3.5 hours, but you may wish to make stops along the way.

Drive over the Reykjanes peninsula towards Keflavík to end your trip completely zen at the Blue Lagoon. You can arrange an entrance ticket with specific access time in advance. On the way to the natural baths you will see lava fields and hot springs with large plumes of smoke in the background. The lagoons are artificially constructed but heated by natural sources. Don’t miss the opportunity to indulge in the luxurious clay containers, brimming with purified clay, ready for you to embrace the revitalizing sensation as you apply it to your body. After your relaxing dip in the baths, continue your drive to a conveniently located hotel near the airport, where you’ll enjoy your final night’s stay in Iceland, ensuring a peaceful and rejuvenating end to your remarkable adventure. On your final day, you’ll drop off your hire car at Keflavik airport and head to the terminal for your flight home.

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Iceland: A Family Winter Adventure