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Planning your adventure isn’t just about hiking through tropical rainforests, visiting mountain monasteries and snoozing on white-sand beaches. There are plenty of practical things to consider. No need to fret though, our team have collated all the relevant information to make it even easier for you. From flights to health insurance to visas, it’s all here for you.


Possibly the second most important part of your trip: getting there. As well as putting together your travels on the ground we can also tie this in with your international flights. Already booked your flights? Not a problem, we can sort your adventures once you get there, plus any internal flights. Prefer for us to book for you? That’s fine! We can recommend the best routes that suit your needs and track down the best fares too. This means you’ll have everything booked under one roof, making it a lot easier to manage all that paperwork.

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Visas, passports & money

Sometimes you need a visa, sometimes you don’t. Sometimes it’s free, sometimes you have to pay. Sometimes you can pick it up on arrival, sometimes you have to arrange it in advance. It can all get pretty confusing. Thankfully, we’ve made it simple for you to find out all the information you need.

View our guide for the most up-to-date information on what your requirements will be for travelling to any of our destinations.

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Health and safety

Ah, health and safety, the words that probably don’t fill you with excitement.  It goes without saying that we all want to return home safely with nothing but our suitcases and a load of life-long memories. Thankfully, Rickshaw takes it very seriously, meaning you need not let worrying about it get in the way of your holiday.

Read our advice on how to avoid picking up local illnesses and find out why you’re in safe hands and get the most out of your trip.

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Travel insurance

Don’t forget your travel insurance! We recommend that you have adequate travel insurance before you book your trip. Life is full of unexpected surprises, so making sure you’re covered with the correct policy will ensure that should anything not go to plan, you don’t have the worry.

Need more information? Find out our top tips on making sure you have great cover while you enjoy your holiday.

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LGBTQ+ travellers

Travel is for everyone, and we believe LGBTQ+ people should feel comfortable and safe wherever they go. Whilst there is still a way to go, the good news is that there is now an increasing number of destinations with more progressive attitudes towards same-sex couples.

Here are some of our recommendations and a few things to consider if you’re venturing to far-flung lands.

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