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Inspiring feel good experiences


It’s no big secret, travelling makes us happy. Discovering new places, re-visiting loved ones, eating yummy food, getting lost in nature … the list is endless. And let’s be honest, with so much going on in the world right now, it’s easy to feel a bit grey. So to add a ray of sunshine to your world, we’ve found our most ‘feel good’ experiences to get you inspired, motivated and will surely bring your mojo back!
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Meditate your way into inner peace

In need of a holiday that rejuvenates the soul? Embrace your spiritual side by going zen in Bali’s Sidemen valley. Switch off your mind (and your phone) on a yoga class in a small-scale resort; the perfect place if you’re looking for a remote and peaceful experience. Enjoy a tropical break in Sri Lanka, soaking up the rays, sampling freshly caught fish and perfecting your downward facing dog with a little yoga.

Or if you want to truly immerse yourself in yoga’s motherland, why not unwind in India’s spiritual world with our trip to Dharamsala or ‘Little Tibet’, home to the exiled Dalai Lama. Surrounded by evergreen forests and fresh green tea plantations, you can find your happy place against a Himalayan backdrop. Can you say, ‘ommmmm-azing?’

Not authentic enough for you? Hop over to neighbouring Nepal to sample Buddhist life within a Tibetan Monastery. Stay in a guesthouse on the grounds and watch the monks praying, chanting and offering sacrifices.

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Eat yourself happy

For many of us, food is one of the greatest pleasures in life, not to mention a tasty way to explore the world. Whether you want to lend a hand with the harvest before preparing a traditional meal with a family in Vietnam, indulge your sweet tooth on a chocolate-making workshop in Peru or hop over to a tiny island in Panama to take a cooking class and sample the delights of Panamanian food, we’ve got spoonfuls of foodie morsels to whet your happy-tite. Curry lover? roll up your sleeves and learn how to cook a tasty  Indian curry  in Chittorgarh. Dhal-icious!

Do good, feel good

Travelling with meaning is one sure-fire way to inject healthy dose happiness into your life and the lives of others. We support projects across the globe, so why not do your bit by visiting one during your holiday? Spend time with the gentle giants of the Elephant Nature Park in Northern Thailand,  enjoy a show at the Phare Ponleu Selpak Social Circus in Cambodia; an organisation set up to improve the development of local communities, or drop in on the Lone Buffalo Foundation in Laos, a project that provides free English tuition and football coaching to young people.

Beach Borneo

Be at one with nature

Nothing beats the Great Outdoors to blow away those cobwebs. Whether you’re a forest fanatic or an ocean aficionado, we’ve got some breathtaking trips that show off Mother Nature at her very best. Bhutan – famous for measuring its economy in Gross National Happiness (of course!) – is the king of green mountains and piercingly blue skies. Hike through the countryside, wander through rice paddies and spend the night on a rural homestay. If the corals are calling instead, grab that snorkel and dive into the living reefs of Costa Rica (Purisima Vida!) or laze around the powder-white sands of Borneo’s Lankayan Island. Real Bliss.