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Costa Rica, Panama & Nicaragua
Nicaragua Ometepe volcano

Meet our local partners

We work closely with our local office in Costa Rica to ensure you have a friendly face to greet you on arrival and a smooth trip during your time in this lush and diverse country. Their knowledgeable and helpful staff will guide you through their home country, offering hints and tips along the way to ensure that you get the most out of your trip. Read on for the low-down on our partner in Costa Rica.

Specialists with local partners in Costa Rica

Who are they?

Our knowledgeable and professional local partner in Costa Rica were established in 1993 and are now one of the biggest inbound tour operators in the country. Based in San José their mission is to offer tours which respect the conservation of natural, archaeological and social resources whilst benefiting the environment of the communities involved.

With 20 years under their belt, they are in the best position to, not only source interesting and fun excursions and accommodation but also provide support for us and our Ramblers during their trip to Costa Rica.

Meaningful journey

Our local partner in Costa Rica is committed to sustainable tourism, protecting the flora and fauna and helping the local community. They have achieved the highest sustainability accreditation possible in-country as part of the Certification for Sustainable Tourism Program, this is based on a sustainable model of natural, cultural and social resource management.

Their vision is to to be leaders in sustainable tourism in Costa Rica through offering meaningful trips as well as actively supporting projects in the arts, conservation and social sectors.

Meet our local partner in Nicaragua

We work closely with our local partners in Nicaragua, to ensure that everything runs smoothly during your trip with us, and if you have any questions or want some helpful tips, they’ll always be available on ground to assist you.

Working with our partners allows us to give you the best experience you can gain from your holiday and will help you get further knowledge on all there is to see and do in Nicaragua. Too find out more about our local partners, scroll down!

Nicaragua Matagalpa tourist hike

Who are they?

Our local partners started in 2002, and have now evolved into one of Nicaragua’s leading tour operators, known for their knowledgeable guides and all round reliability. They are based in an office in the city Leon, also known as Nicaragua’s second city. Through their passion for conversation and philanthropy, our partners are actively developing and supporting new Nicaraguan destinations with a focus on Eco and community-based tourism.

Make good things happen through travel

Our local partners in Nicaragua are also on board with our responsible travel efforts. They recycle all waste at the office and donate it to a local project. On top of this, our partners recently received recognition as an Eco-Business for its contribution to environmental education for children through the donation of 300 books.

They also make donations to various projects and charities, one being a project that carried out an activity to reduce water pollution in different communities. Our partners are also working with wildlife refuge to promote eco-tourism and ensure that sea turtle eggs are kept safe and remain in reserved areas.

Local farmer Nicaragua

Meet our local partner in Panama

In Panama, we work with a local partner who cares just as much about the country, it’s people and local culture as we do. Working together means we’re able to offer trips run by Panamanian guides and drivers with in-depth knowledge of their country. Looking for a specific shop or want to know the best restaurant in town? Chances are they’ll know the answer.

Panama local partners with Rickshaw travel specialist

Who are they?

Our local partners were founded in 2002 and since has built a solid reputation over the years. They focus strongly on attention to detail to make everyone’s experience an unforgettable one.

All the staff that work at Shana travel have lived locally in Panama for years, and know all the ins and out of the country and love to share their knowledge on its hidden gems with you.

Making good things happen

Our local partner in Panama is always looking for new, enriching experiences to get our customers closer to the destination.

They work hard to ensure that not only their customers are number one priority, but also the local culture, environment and the way tourists can benefit and bring positivity to this is also highly in mind to our partners.