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By working closely with our local partners in Nepal, we can ensure that our customers not only have a friendly face to greet them upon arrival, but are also in the capable hands of knowledgeable and trained guides and drivers who’ll ensure everything runs smoothly from start to finish. Although our trips allow you to travel around Nepal as independently as possible, by organising transfers we’ll make sure your time isn’t wasted on logistics. Our guides and drivers are experts in their areas and will be proud to guide you around their home country, offering hints and tips along the way to ensure that you get that little bit closer to the real Nepal.

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Somnath Simkhada

Somnath is a trekking guide and has been working in this role for the past six years. He has travelled all over Nepal and cites travelling as his biggest passion. Alongside his day job, Somnath has just completed his masters in education from Tribhuwan University. If Somnath could travel anywhere in the world he would choose India, as he would love to visit the Taj Mahal and the many temples. Here are his recommendations for travelling in Nepal…
‘I was born and grew up in Gorkha district, 140 km west of Kathmandu. Gorkha is a famous historical town with royal history of Shah kings of Nepal. The best thing about Nepal is that it is enriched in mountains, multi-culture, multi-language,multi-ethnic groups, multi-ethnic foods, different flora and fauna, different festivals. Travellers can experience all these insghts while on trip in Nepal. The meal I would recommend is a traditional meal ‘Dal Bhat’ which consists of steamed rice and a soup with lentils. I would advise all people who wish to come to Nepal and trek to bring a sleeping bag, down jacket for trekking and climbing and for normal tours they can bring their toiletries, light clothing, camera with rolls of films’.

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Ananda Kumar Lamichane

Ananda grew up in Kathmandu and now lives not far from the downtown area. He has been involved in tourism and guiding tourists for the last 3 years. Currently Ananda is studying Management but has chosen to stay in the tourism industry after he graduates due to his love of his country and introducing visitors to the delights of Nepal. If he could choose his dream holiday destination it would be Bhutan.

‘Nepal is famous for trekking , mountaineering, cultural heritage tours, rafting, jungle safari and many other adventure activities. In my opinion, people should visit Nepal for the following reasons; there are eight world’s 8000m high mountains including Mount Everest.There are many cultural, religious and historical sites there are 102 ethnic groups and 92 ethnic languages.I can recommend locally made alcohol called ‘Chayang’ , and also ‘Corn Bread’, ‘Millet Bread’, ‘MOMO’, ‘Chowmein’, and ‘Dal Bhat’ to travellers in Nepal. People travelling to Nepal should pack down jacket, warm clothing, sleeping bag, personal medicines, walking pole, gloves, spectacles and other personal belongings’.

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Prem Gurung

After Prem had completed his English studies and graduated he begain working as a trekking guide. He feels that his helpful and cooperative nature helps him to be a great tour guide to travellers in Nepal. If Prem could travel anywhere in the world he would choose the whole of Europe!

‘Currently I am living in Kathmandu but I was born and brought up in Gorkha. I would say that the best things about Nepal are the natural beauty, culture, tradition, religion and most important of all it is the birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha and World’s highest mountain, Mount Everest. I would recommend people to visit Nepal because it is rich in natural beauty and a paradise for trekking due to the number of high mountains. Travellers should carry down jackets, sleeping bags, first aid kit and other personal belongings while visiting Nepal.’

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Suresh Adhikari

Meet Suresh, who is 30 years old and currently works as trekking guide in Nepal. Describing himself as very honest and hardworking, Suresh loves his home country so much that he has no desire to travel anywhere else!

‘I was born in Makwanpur district. I spent my childhood there and after completion of my school I came to Kathmandu. I think everyone in the world should visit Nepal at least once in their lifetime not only to kill time but to learn about more than a hundred cultures, and experience all the social activities we have to offer here. Also to feel the different climate of Nepal. Tourist can climb mountains, go rafting, trekking, hiking,rock climbing, and much more. I would suggest all visitors try our local dishes of Dhindo, Newari Khana, Thakali Khana, Sel Roti, and Khichadi’.

Sandeep Bhutta

Sandeep Bhatta is one of the many skilled trekking guides in Nepal. Young and confident, Bhatta started his career as a porter in 2009 but in 2010, after two trekking seasons he was appointed as assistant guide. In October 2011, while he was on holiday for Dashain; one of the biggest festivals in Nepal, he was called out to lead a Dutch couple on a Gorepani Trek. For him, this was his first introduction to working with European travellers.

“They were my very first clients from Rickshaw, which made me a bit nervous but they were very supportive and funny. They were a happy couple and trekking became more fun with laughs and conversation along the way.”

“After that trek, with coming years, I became very familiar with Rickshaw Travel. Not only have I had opportunities to guide hilarious guests, but also I like the itineraries they have developed. Working with Rickshaw turned out to be very fruitful for me. I always grow my confidence each day and we are always conscious to avoid negative feedback.”


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