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Local women in Nepal

Nepal in a Nutshell


  • Itinerary:
    Kathmandu - Patan - Bhaktapur - Chitwan - Pokhara - Tirkhedhungga - Ghorepani - Poon Hill - Ghandruk - Pokhara - Kathmandu
  • Duration:
    14 days / 13 nights (flexible)
  • Price:
    from £ 1,055.- per person (excluding flights)
Journey from hushed temples to jungle rivers and trek to the top of Poon Hill for a heady Himalayan sunrise. This trip will bring you the best of peaceful Nepal, mixing culture with wildlife and adventure. Hike in the forested foothills, explore ancient cobbled streets and relax on the shores of shimmering Lake Pokhara. Over just one fortnight, you’ll spot rhinos on a jeep safari, watch kids play next to funeral pyres in spiritual Kathmandu and head into tiny Himalayan villages. This really is Nepal in a nutshell.
Nepal Chitwan Rhinos
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Days 1-4 – Kings and gods of the valley

Wander between cobbled streets and scattered temples in the atmospheric medieval cities of the Kathmandu Valley, feeling utterly lost in a timeless daydream. Combining the enchanting chaos of Kathmandu with nearby Bhaktapur and Patan and get straight to the heart of mystical valley culture. Weave between fluttering prayer flags, watch monkeys scamper through temple complexes and kids play with paper kites in the cobbled streets.

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Days 7-13 – Sunrise at Poon Hill

Take a short trek through forests and villages for an epic sunrise view. Watch colours paint the sky and clouds drift below you as dawn breaks over Poon Hill, perched between snow-tipped Himalayan peaks. Over five days, you’ll climb twisting stone staircases, hike through the lush foothills and get a real taste of trekking in Nepal. You’ll set off to catch the sunrise well before dawn, trekking in the dark with your guide and your head torch. Watching golden light flood the snowy peaks as the sun creeps up between the mountains, your efforts will be rewarded a thousand times over.

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Nepal in a Nutshell


For this bite-sized trip we offer the following options

Nepal-Kathmandu hotel exterior
Nepal-Pokhara hotel pool
Nepal-Poon-Hill hotel exterior
Nepal-Pokhara hotel bedroom
Nepal-Chitwan hotel exterior
Nepal-Kathmandu hotel bed

Upgrade to our In Style accommodation

  • Price:
    From £ 2,085.- per person (excluding flights)
  • Included:
    In Style accommodation, excursions, transport and meals as described above

For the locations included in this itinerary we have alternative options available in terms of comfort. Our In Style options can be more luxurious, offer something unique or offer a more comfortable transport option – all with that local flavour! If you would like to upgrade your itinerary select our In Style option below.

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