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Meet our guides and drivers in Brazil

Brazil diamond canyons landscape panorama

By working closely with our local office in Brazil, we can ensure that our customers not only have a friendly face to greet them on arrival, but also are in the capable hands of knowledgeable and trained guides and drivers who will ensure their Brazil holiday runs smoothly from start to finish. Although our trips allow you to travel Brazil as independently as possible, by organising transfers we can make sure that your time is spent enjoying the culture and sights around you and not wasted on logistics!

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Brazil local guide sloth Rodrigo

Rodrigo Ojeda

Rodrigo Ojeda, our local guide in Iguazu has worked as a tour guide for groups in Brazil for 2 years now. He is German-Brazilian and can speak several different languages including English, Portuguese, German and Spanish. Rodrigo enjoys cycling, football and swimming and he specialises in geography, history and conservation projects. If he had the chance, he would love to visit India. Although he was brought up in Germany and spent 20 years living there, Rodrigo has fallen in love with Brazil and thinks you will too! Here are some of his favourite tips on Brazil…

‘The best thing about Brazil is the variety of the country. There is the jungle, the Atlantic rainforest, the mountains, the beaches, the biodiversity, the different ethnic groups and religion and the food. My favourite is our Brazilian barbecue, Churrasco. There’s also lots going on – there is more than one carnival and samba for example. Brazil is unique and that’s the best thing about it. Because of our different climate zones people visiting need to be prepared for all types of weather. For example, a good rain jacket and hiking boots are important to bring for trips to the tropics, such as to the Amazon River.’

Heloise Maes

Heloise Maes was lucky enough to start travelling at the age of 15 and has since focused her life on travel and became a flight attendant for an international airline. One day she would love to complete a round the world trip. She grew up in the bustling city of Rio De Janeiro so she has plenty of advice for those visiting Brazil…

‘The natural beauty of Brazil and the caricocas (local people) of the country ensure that visiting Brazil will be an unforgettable trip and there will always be a surprise in each different tour. I would recommend Feijoada, a black bean stew as a traditional dish to try but tasting a Brazilian barbecue would complete a celebration. I think when visiting Brazil people should pack light clothing, including a coat and shoes for rainforest trips. Bring a bikini too but they’re always easy to find sold around the beaches. Lastly, don’t forget to have an open heart so you can relate to the locals!’

Brazil Rio de Janeiro Christ the redeemer
Brazil local guide river Baruque Bernardo

Baruque Bernado

Baruque Bernado was brought up in the city of Recife and describes himself as ‘a guy who loves his place and enjoys making people feel at home here’. Given the chance, Baruque would travel all over the globe! Here’s what he has to say about Brazil…

‘You get a bonus when you visit Brazil as there are several places to visit in just one destination. People should visit Brazil to see it, to know it, to love it! Brazil is so vast – a mosaic of culture, people and influence. I try to appeal to each client’s taste and observing their itinerary so I’m able to offer them new, unique experiences that match their expectations. The main thing people need to bring on their journey to Brazil is a desire to enjoy a trip to this amazing country!’