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Honeymoon in Brazil

Brazil Tinhare palm island

Wander through cobbled streets of colonial towns, relax on exotic, palm-fringed beaches, trek through the mighty Amazon, watch turtles emerge from the lapping waves to lay their eggs and take a boat trip to Iguazu’s thundering falls. If you want something a bit different from your honeymoon then Brazil is a great choice.

Brazil Iguazu waterfalls landscape
Brazil Rio toursit selfie panorama

Mountains, beaches and cuisine

Rio de Janeiro, a globally renowned gem, boasts expansive beaches, breath-taking landscapes, and bustling streets teeming with delectable delights waiting to be savoured. A splendid setting to embark on your honeymoon journey with flair and grace. Get ready to uncover the rhythm of Rio and kickstart your romantic escapade in true style with us at Rickshaw Travel.

Amazonian adventures

Nestled in the northern reaches of Brazil, the awe-inspiring Amazon rainforest beckons, a realm brimming with exotic wildlife awaiting your keen gaze and lush jungles inviting intrepid exploration. For those seeking an unconventional honeymoon adventure, dare to venture onto the tranquil waters aboard a classic clipper, where time slows down and the ordinary transforms into the extraordinary. As night falls, you’ll be soothed by the gentle sounds of water against the boat’s hull, helping you drift into a calm sleep under the starry sky. This isn’t your typical experience – it’s all about exploring and discovering in a unique way.

Brazil amazon accommodation amazon lodge from above
Brazil Ilha Grande beach sandy

Blissful beaches

When it comes to honeymoons, a little downtime is a must, and what better way to unwind than with a captivating book in one hand and a refreshing caipirinha cocktail in the other? Imagine the idyllic setting of Brazil’s north-east coast, adorned with expansive, windswept beaches that stretch out as far as the eye can see. Picture palm trees swaying gently in the breeze, casting their shade upon the sand, and quaint fishing villages dotting the shoreline, adding a touch of authenticity to the landscape. Among these coastal gems, there’s one that stands out in our heart – Itacimirim.

Itacimirim holds the promise of blissful tranquillity. Here, you have the liberty to create your own rhythm. You can embrace the refreshing waters for a leisurely swim, or perhaps you prefer to take unhurried strolls along the pristine white sands, each step a connection to the natural beauty that surrounds you. And for those curious souls, a visit to the local turtle project unveils a window into the world of conservation and marine life.

Drive the Coconut Highway

If the idea of charting your own course through Brazil resonates with you for your honeymoon, then embarking on a self-driven adventure along the enchanting Coconut Highway is an ideal choice. This scenic route unveils a tapestry of paradise beaches and charming fishing villages that beckon to be explored. Set aside the well-trodden tourist paths and immerse yourself in the authentic heart of Brazil, where the true essence of this remarkable country comes to life.

Brazil Galinhas swimming

A Taste of Brazil

  • Rio de Janeiro - Iguazu Falls - Manaus - Amazon - Salvador - Praia das Ondas - Salvador
  • 16 days / 15 nights (flexible)
  • from £ 2,979.- per person (excluding flights)
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Sugar Loaf Mountain Rio Brazil scenery

Colours of the Tropical South

  • Rio de Janeiro - Iguazu Falls - Sao Paulo- Paraty - Ilha Grande - Rio de Janeiro
  • 13 days/12 nights (flexible)
  • from £ 2,129.- per person (excluding flights)
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Historical town of Olinda, Brazil from above

Make Tracks Along the Coconut Highway

  • Olinda - Porto de Galinhas - São Miguel dos Milagres - Penedo - Mangue Seco - Itacimirim - Salvador de Bahia - Chapada Diamantina - Salvador de Bahia
  • 16 days / 15 nights (flexible)
  • From £ 1,799.- per person (excluding flights)
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Brazil Glaciers with mountainous backdrop

Journey from Shimmering Glaciers to the Mighty Amazon

  • Buenos Aires - El Calafate - Glaciers - Iguazu Falls (Argentinian Side) - Iguazu Falls (Brazilian Side) - Manaus - Amazon - Salvador de Bahia - Rio de Janeiro
  • 22 days / 21 nights (flexible)
  • From £ 2,785.- per person (excluding flights)
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