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Best time to visit Brazil

Weather and climate

Iguazu falls Brazil Argentina

It doesn’t matter which time of year you choose to visit Brazil, you can always take your swimsuit! Most of Brazil lies in the tropics so it’s warm year round, and when the rain does come it is often in short sharp bursts. It’s a massive place though, so we’ve gone into a little more detail about three main parts of the country below.

Brazil Average weather conditions chart
Average weather conditions
Brazil Average temperatures chart
Average temperatures

South Brazil

The dry season in the south runs from March to November, whereas December to February sees the most rainfall.

It can get cool in the evenings during the Brazilian winter from June to September. In this period conditions in Rio and the surrounding area are similar to those of northern Europe in the summertime: there are cloudy days with some rainfall, but also periods with plenty of sun. As you continue travelling south, temperatures will be lower during this time of year.

Sugar Loaf Mountain Rio Brazil scenery
Brazil Amazon wildlife toucan

Amazon & Pantanal

Both the Pantanal and the Amazon can be visited throughout the year, and the absolute best time to visit the Amazon is in July and August. As you would expect in a rainforest, it rains quite a lot, and it’s pretty hot and humid all year!

The Pantanal region has a consistent temperature throughout the year. Most rain falls from December to March and the best time to see animals is during the dry season from April/May to October. Temperatures rarely drop below 20°C, even in the dead of winter from June to July.

North & East Coast Brazil

Tropical north-eastern Brazil has two seasons, but it’s difficult to distinguish the two. The average temperature is 26°C to 30°C all year round. August to February are usually the drier months, and during the months March to July there may be a rain shower or two. Along the coast the humidity is relatively high and the sun is bright. The sea breeze usually makes spending time by the sea very comfortable.

Brazil Bahia beach at sunset