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Getting around Bhutan

Domestic travel

Usually in Asia we would arrange for you to travel around by local transport – train, bus, boat or rickshaw, but in Bhutan it’s only possible to travel by private car and driver. There are no passenger railways, a very limited domestic air service and only one main road; the National Highway. This road crosses the country and winds, twists and turns from west to east along the main cities. Although the roads are pretty well maintained, driving through Bhutan is definitely an adventure! There’s also so much to see along the way, from mountain passes with sweeping views and prayer flags fluttering in the wind to remote villages with cobbled streets and traditional houses. During your Bhutan trip you’ll travel in style in a new 4 wheel drive with a driver and English speaking guide.

Private car with guide & driver

Bhutanese people are very proud of their country and you’ll be made to feel welcome wherever you travel in Bhutan. As self-drive is not possible, your private driver and English speaking guide will go out of their way to show you the most beautiful and interesting parts of their country. There is still plenty of independence within your trip, as you can stop for photos or snacks when you need to and the routings are not fixed, so if there is a particular place of interest that you want to see, our driver and guide will do their best to incorporate this for you. So you can determine the pace of your trip, whilst travelling in comfort and making the most of your travels.

locals stood in front of car
plane over landscape

Domestic flights

Domestic flights in Bhutan are temperamental to say the least. In low season they often don’t run at all and even in high season they can often be rescheduled or cancelled completely. For this reason we tend to avoid using domestic flights; however we can book these for you on request. Do bear in mind though that they may be cancelled by the airline at the last minute. If this happens we’ll arrange for your guide and driver to take you to your next destination overland; it’ll be a long road journey, but at least you’ll get there.