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Combine Bhutan with Nepal and India

Hidden between the snow-tipped peaks of the Himalayas, Bhutan is one of the world’s most mysterious countries. A tiny land tucked away from the prying eyes of mass tourism, it’s an adventure all of its own. Trek to ornate monasteries clinging tentatively to the cliff edge, meet the gentle local people and soak up the magnificent scenery. By combining Bhutan with India or Nepal, you’ll take your trip to whole new level, making it something almost impossible to beat. In Nepal, you can spot rhinos in the tropical lowlands of Chitwan National Park, wander through the atmospheric alleys of Kathmandu and watch prayer flags flutter from hilltop temples. Alternatively, catch sunrise at the Taj Majal in India before crossing into the Land of the Thunder Dragon, giving you an adventure that you’re unlikely to forget.

Tiger's nest

Combine Bhutan with Nepal

Get a double dose of the snow-dusted Himalayas on a trip from Nepal into Bhutan. Over two weeks, be swept up in the spiritual atmosphere of Kathmandu, wander between carved wooden temples and discover the secrets of Bhutan. You’ll trek to Tiger’s Nest, teetering on a dramatic cliff edge, learn about national happiness and stay at home with the locals. Finally, crossing back to Nepal for a rhino safari in tropical Chitwan National Park, ending your trip on the wild side.

Combine Bhutan with India

Set off on a cultural adventure from the spice bazaars and hill stations of India into the snowy kingdom of Bhutan. You’ll begin by exploring India’s Golden Triangle, a riot for the senses with something colourful happening on every street corner. After watching the day break over the Taj Mahal, you’ll head into the cool hills of Darjeeling for a spot of tea before crossing the border into Bhutan, where you’ll meet gentle Buddhist monks in the sweeping valleys and trek to the mystical Tiger’s Nest.

Taj Mahal at sunrise