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Let us inspire you to discover majestic Bhutan


If you’re not sure where to go during your trip to Bhutan, the following pages might just help you choose. Find out the best place to attend a Tsechu, what trekking opportunities are available and where you can spot Bhutan’s wildlife.

Bhutan local dance


Something which makes Bhutan stand out from any other country in the world is its incredible, unique festivals. Expect mesmerising dances, colourful costumes, traditional music and perhaps even a wooden phallus. It’s also the perfect opportunity to rub shoulders with the local people.


For serious trekking enthusiasts, Bhutan is the ideal trekking destination. Three quarters of the terrain here is virgin wilderness and during your trek you can expect to see shimmering lakes, alpine forests, snow-capped mountains and remote villages. If you have the time and a strong pair of legs, it’s the perfect way to see Bhutan away from the other tourists.

local guide
Black necked cranes


You might be surprised to learn that Bhutan is also home to some unique and rare wildlife. Twitchers will be pleased to know that central and eastern Bhutan is the winter home of the revered black-necked crane…

Unusual honeymoon experiences in Bhutan

Looking for a honeymoon with a difference? Perhaps one you can tell the kids about? Bhutan will certainly offer you a honeymoon to remember, whether it’s the legends of enduring love or receiving a blessing from a monk with a wooden phallus at the fertility temple in the Punakha Valley.

couple sat in front of tigers nest
Two Nepalese men

Add a dash of Nepal or a sprinkle of India to your Bhutan travels

By combining Bhutan with India or Nepal, you’ll take your trip to a whole new level, making it something almost impossible to beat. In Nepal, you can spot rhinos in the tropical lowlands of Chitwan National Park and wander through the atmospheric alleys of Kathmandu. Alternatively, catch a sunrise at the Taj Majal in India before crossing into the Land of the Thunder Dragon.