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Accommodation in Bhutan


Accommodation in Bhutan is unlike anywhere else. Cosy, authentic and perhaps a little dated, it’s a world away from what you might be used to in the UK. Although there are often only a few options in Bhutan, we’ve managed to hand-pick a range of accommodation that reflects the character and culture of each destination. You might spend a night with a local family, in cosy guest houses with sweeping views of the valley below, or in a cottage-style hotel with a toasty fire. We class our Bhutan accommodation into three categories.

Standard Accommodation – Category 3

Most of our accommodation in Bhutan falls into this category. You can expect a small-scale guesthouse or mid-range hotel, always Bhutanese-owned and run. Perhaps it’ll be a traditional hotel with painted wooden carvings and a crackling wood stove, or maybe something a little more modern in the heart of the capital city.

Simple Accommodation – Category 2

In some destinations in Bhutan there just aren’t that many options, or it’s more about what you’ll see when you step out the front door. In this category you can expect modest accommodation, more simply furnished with only a few facilities. It could be the only guest-house in town with friendly staff but only limited English or perhaps a small family-run hotel full of local character.

hotel room
Campsite on the trek

Basic Accommodation – Category 1

In this category you’ll find only the essential facilities; don’t expect hot water, electricity or private bathrooms. It might well be a tent with a roll mat in the heart of Bhutan’s stunning landscape or a night in a family home where you’ll get a unique insight into the Bhutanese way of life.