Your day-by-day itinerary

Children in a village in Flores

Day 1

Maumere / Ende to Moni

Whether you arrive at one of Flores’ two main eastern airports, or you’ve been on the beach in Maumere, you’ll be collected by your driver for a journey across beautiful countryside to the picturesque village of Moni. You’ll spend the night in the guest quarters at a local homestay, where you’ll receive a warm welcome. The facilities are pretty basic and you won’t have hot water, but for the experience, we think the tradeoff is completely worth it.

Sunrise at Kelimutu, and on to Bajawa

Day 2

Sunrise at Kelimutu, and on to Bajawa

Before dawn, you’ll set off to Kelimutu volcano for a spectacular sunrise. On a clear day, Kelimutu is one of the most amazing sights in the world. The three cater lakes change colour depending on the mineral content in the water, and the local people believe that the lakes are the final resting place of the dead – one lake for the elderly, another for young people and a third for witches.  Next, you’ll continue to Bajawa, visiting a small village with traditional thatched houses along the way to see some local crafts. You’ll arrive in the late afternoon, in time to check into your locally run hotel and relax before tomorrow’s adventures.

Inerie volcano & Soa hot springs

Day 3

Inerie volcano & Soa hot springs

This morning, you’ll walk along the foot of the mighty Inerie volcano, visiting small villages as you walk in the shade of the towering bamboo forest. One of the best-preserved villages is Bena, where the little houses with straw roofs are built in two rows along a line of megalithic stones, which are occasionally still used for ritual sacrifices.

Before returning to Bajawa for the evening, you’ll visit the hot springs at Soa. For many people, including the guides and drivers, this is the only place on Flores where they can find hot running water. You’ll have plenty of time to take a dip in the water, and watch as the locals make use of nature’s hot tap.

The village of Tololela in Flores

Alternative Trip Version

Ngada Homestay

If you fancy really getting out into the unknown, you could choose this alternative version of the Remote Flores trip.  Instead of visiting Bena and Soa on day 3, you’ll meet an English speaking guide, who’ll lead you on a trek of around 2hrs into the heart of the Flores countryside, and to the village of Tololela. It’s a genuine, charming and picturesque village, and not a place where many tourists go. You’ll be welcomed by the local families, and will stay for the evening as a guest in one of their homes. Facilities are basic of course, but it’s an unforgettable glimpse into life in this part of the world.  The rest of your trip will be the same as described.

Prices from:

£615 - per person - Simple accommodation

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Bajawa to Ruteng, and on to Labuan Bajo

Day 4

Bajawa to Ruteng, and on to Labuan Bajo

Next, you’ll continue your journey west, crossing through lush isolated areas on the way. You’ll arrive in the town of Ruteng in the afternoon, leaving you plenty of time to explore and visit the lively market packed with colourful embroidered sarongs. Our first choice accommodation here is a convent in the town, converted for guests but still also home to a number of nuns who’ll be going about their daily chores.

On your final day, you’ll travel downhill towards Labuan Bajo, a beach-side town in a beautiful secluded bay, and the gateway to the Komodo National Park.  From here you can choose to go in search of dragons, or continue your Indonesian journey by air.

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