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Accommodation in Chile

Chile Pucon Accommodation In Style something different

When you travel to Chile with Rickshaw Travel you’ll stay in a range of accommodation, all with local charm that reflects the culture and character of the place you’re staying. You might spend the night in a converted Victorian home, a woodland dome with a view of the stars or a simple refugio in the middle of a national park. We rate our accommodation using 4 categories.

In Style Accommodation – Category 4

In this accommodation category you’ll find something a little extra: perhaps a few more creature comforts, a little extra atmosphere or a unique view of your surroundings. Perhaps it’ll be an elegant Victorian hotel at the end of the world, a wine-themed room amongst the vineyards or a woodland dome with a view of soaring volcanoes.

Chile Maipo Valley in style accommodation
Santiago de Chile accommodation bedroom

Standard Accommodation – Category 3

When you stay in our standard accommodation option you can expect small-scale charm, an inviting atmosphere and plenty of local flavour. It could be a colonial-style hotel in the city, a cosy guest house in the Chilean Lake District, or mid-range hotel on the world’s most remote island.

Simple Accommodation – Category 2

Sometimes in Chile, the accommodation just isn’t as important as what you’ll experience when you step out of the door. In this category you’ll find modest yet reasonably comfortable accommodation in a great location. You can expect a clean and cosy hotel in the Atacama Desert, an arty guest-house in the heart of Valparaiso or a converted wine villa.

Chile Atacama moon valley visit accommodation exterior
Argentina Chile accommodation bedroom

Basic Accommodation – Category 1

In this category you really will be going back to basics! Shared facilities in quirky accommodation is par for the course. In Torres del Paine National Park you’ll stay in a refugio, where you’ll sleep in a bunk bed and share facilities with other hikers. Although the refugio is basic, spending the night here is a great way to meet fellow trekkers and share travel stories, and the scenery is quite simply breathtaking!