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Meet our Local Partner in Chile

In Chile we work closely with a local partner, whose offices are based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They look after all the operational jiggery pokery in both these destinations and make sure that you have a friendly face to greet you on arrival. They’ll also ensure your trip through Chile runs as smoothly as possible. We’ve picked a local partner who shares our values to make travel meaningful.

Chile local partners with rickshaw travel staff
Chile local partners social

Who are they?

Our knowledgeable and professional local partner in Argentina and Chile were established in 2004 and have been growing ever since! Their aim is to build bridges between cultures by introducing more people to the wonders of South America.

Their original intention to provide unique adventures and authentic experiences still holds true and they’re in the best position to provide support for us and our ramblers during their trip through Chile.

Meaningful journey

Our local partner is just as passionate about Meaningful Travel as we are. They work hard to source locally-owned hotels and excursions wherever possible and believe that by supporting local businesses both the local people and the traveller will benefit from a more authentic, genuine experience. Like us, they’re keen recyclers at their local office and even collect up all their paper and donate it to the Garrahan Foundation. This paediatric hospital organises recycling collections to raise funds for treatment.

Chile Valparaiso city tourist with guide