Your day-by-day itinerary

Green trees and water

Day 1

Arrival in Bukit Lawang

When you arrive in Medan, you’ll be met at the airport and transferred to Bukit Lawang by private car. The landscape of Sumatra is completely different to the other Indonesian islands, making it a scenic and fascinating drive through this beautiful countryside. In the afternoon you’ll arrive at your hotel. Your basic room has cold running water so you can freshen up with a cold but refreshing shower.

Curious Orangutan

Days 2-3

Orangutans, Jungle Trek & Departure

Today, you’ll head off on a trek through the jungle. It’s hilly here, so you’ll face the odd climb and scramble up through trees, clinging onto branches and roots. If you’re lucky, you’ll spot orangutans swinging through the jungle canopy just a few metres above your head. The guides know the orangutans well, so they’re familiar with their habits and can guide you to the best spots.


After breakfast the next day this trip comes to an end, and you’ll make your way to your next destination.

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