Your day-by-day itinerary

Local kids

Day 1

Arrival in Kalibaru

Today, you’ll head to Kalibaru along scenic roads that twist through the mountains. In the late afternoon you’ll arrive in the small mountain village, where you’ll stay in a comfortable hotel with a pool. The rooms are set in an unusual garden, beset with tropical plants and trees. The village is very peaceful and there’s not much to do here, making it a great place for a real breather.

Local man describing the coffee plantation

Days 2-3

Plantation Walk & Departure

Today, you’ll take a guided walk through the plantations around Kalibaru and get a glimpse of daily life in these gorgeous highlands. Your english-speaking guide will teach you how cocoa, rubber and cloves (for cigarettes) are grown. You’ll visit a working coffee plantation and a small village rubber factory.

After breakfast the next morning, you’ll continue on your journey through Indonesia.

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