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Arrival in Tirtagangga & Guided Walk

Day 1

Arrival in Tirtagangga & Guided Walk

Stepping through the gate of the water palace, you’ll find Balinese statues spouting streams of water, gushing fountains and little cobbled stepping stones across the rippling waters. You’ll stay in a bungalow with a great outdoor bathroom set right in the palace gardens. The accommodation isn’t particularly luxurious but the setting makes up for this a thousand times over.


ladies at water palace in indonesia

There’s a fantastic view from the restaurant and a swimming pool too, so you can cool off.

In the afternoon, you’ll take a guided walk around Tirtagangga, balancing along the little ridges between rice paddies and stumbling across small, isolated villages. The home brewed palm wine in the villages is absolutely delicious and it’s fascinating to watch the wine being ‘pumped’ out of the palm trees.

Departure from Tirtagangga

Day 2

Departure from Tirtagangga

Early in the morning, you can take a peaceful bath in the holy waters of the palace pond. It won’t be easy saying goodbye to the rural charm of Tirtagangga, but after breakfast you’ll pack up your things and continue on your journey through Bali.

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Duration 3 days / 2 nights (flexible)

Duration Bali: Tirtagangga

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