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Since I was 19 years old I’ve been on multiple trips to explore much of what our fantastic planet has to offer, from venturing into Borneo’s lush rain-forest, to getting up close and personal with the magnificent Komodo dragons in Indonesia.

My travelling adventures have allowed me to experience many different cultures and traditions that I didn’t even know existed before! There are limitless opportunities we can take, and I am so happy to help others take that leap into the travelling world by sharing my knowledge and passion for the countries I work with.

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We share our beloved planet with so many other species that we should be appreciating much more than we are. As David Attenborough once so brilliantly said, “An understanding of the natural world is a source of not only great curiosity, but great fulfilment”. When travelling any country, I will always seek out the indigenous wildlife and learn as much as I can about the conservation and protection of those plants and animals.


A huge part of any country’s culture will be its food. It can be a fantastic way to get a real insight into the history and traditions of a destination. A traditional Sumatran beef rendang will always be one of my most favourite dishes, but I’ll give everything a try no matter how bizarre it may seem. Tucking into some deep fried crickets with rainbow sprinkles whilst bouncing around the windy roads of northern Thailand, why not?!


Whether it be a hike up Little Adam’s Peak in Sri Lanka or surfing Indonesia’s picture-perfect waves, I love finding the active, adventurous side to a place. I’m a very active person and find that sometimes you need to push yourself in order to get the best reward. Great adventures are those that are full of new experiences, making memories that will last a lifetime.

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