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My desire for travel began at a young age, when I discovered new foods and wondered where they came from. The tastes and smells sent me in search of a new world. I have always been interested in new experiences, so a one way ticket later, I arrived in incredible India. After going roof class on top of a bus, being invited to a Hindu wedding, meeting a guru who knew everything about me, I was hooked. I have been fortunate in my time to have been to 43 countries, where I have learnt so much about this amazing world we live in.

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David having tea with locals


I like nothing more then experiencing new cultures and learning how others live. It has been eye opening to see the cultural differences; enjoying a cup of chai with the local lads in Mumbai, to the elaborate ancient traditions of the tea ceremony in Kyoto. It was incredible to stroll through the majestic temples of Myanmar and meet the local monks. I was welcomed into a local village in Bagan and experienced the local customs and traditions. I have come to learn, that in all different cultures, the poorest people can be the most giving and their generosity stays with you forever.

David in the jungle


Wildlife is a joy to me. Experiencing the Amazon and Galápagos Islands was very special and like nowhere I have ever been before. Being in the land of animals rather than humans completely changed my outlook of the world we live in today. Meeting a blue-footed bobbie up close, seeing flocks of beautiful amazonian parrots fly right in front of me and my favourite of all, seeing a sleepy sloth up a tree, were some of the most breathtaking experiences.

Food and drink

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African drumming & ukulele strumming | Rickshaw team outing

25th September 2015 by Camilla

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