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Despite being blessed with a great variety of food in the UK, there is nothing like eating a freshly fried samosa from a street vendor in a Mumbai alleyway, or buying Pad Thai from a cart in a bustling Bangkok street.  Not just the food but the ambience that goes with it, I find so addictive.   I find the cheaper the food the better it is!  Move aside overpriced western-style hotels, and embrace what the locals eat. Try it you might just like it (NB pigs intestines are not recommended).

For travels sake

During my commute to work it is rare to hitch a lift in a Tuk-Tuk, or paddle serenely along on a bamboo raft, let alone jump in the back of an open top mini-bus.  It is even rarer to ride my camel to work and I can’t remember the last time I got a motorbike taxi into the office.  The pure adventure of actually travelling from A to B is a wonderful feeling and many an eventful story can be recalled just merely from the journey.  Finding myself on all different kinds of transport is what really makes me feel part of a destination.

Live my purpose!

Holidaying or travelling is so important to me I decided to make a career from it. I absolutely live for experiencing new people, culture, cuisine, scenery and the assault on the senses that it all brings.  It reminds me that there is more to life, to stay grounded and I find spending my hard earned cash on holiday is far more rewarding and memorable than anything else.

Food and drink

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