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From chilling out with the spectacular, gentle giants at our Elephant Nature Park in Thailand to helping and caring for the dogs and cats at a rescue centre in Ko Lanta, wildlife is something I’m passionate about. What brought me to Rickshaw is their utmost attention and care for the animals throughout the countries they provide trips to, with all the trips bringing you closer and discovering animals in the wild or within sanctuaries. I feel as though we’re minimising animal cruelty throughout the world and making an impact, which is a huge thing for me!

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For me, making a memory that will last forever is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I feel so lucky to have travelled extensively to South East Asia and made some beautiful memories on my journey; from the extremely friendly locals giving me a hand when my bike decided break down in Vietnam, to the outstanding blue waters of Thailand, to simply helping local children sell some postcards to visitors in the rice fields! It’s all about making your journey stand out to others as much as possible and keeping those moments with you forever.

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Snorkelling & Beaches

As much as I love the thrill and excitement of trekking and hiking through unknown sceneries in South East Asia, I must admit being able to relax on white sandy beaches with turquoise waters is my ultimate favourite. Ko Lipe and Koh Tao must be my top 2 places in South West Thailand to snorkel, with sea-horses, 120cm rainbow fish and hidden shipwrecks, you never know what you will bump into next whilst floating around with your snorkel on!

My Top-Tip

“Put the phone down” – Of course take the photos but share them when you’re home instead of finding the nearest wi-fi spot. Whilst it’s very easy to get SIM cards with cheap internet data in South East Asia – It’s all about immersing yourself in the culture, breath-taking surroundings and making the most of every opportunity you are given on your travels – its much more fun to experience your trip offline. What I found the most useful is to download the app MAPS.me for some offline way-finding (if you like to keep track of where you are in world!).

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