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Woman playing drums in Cuba


I love that feeling of being completely anonymous when travelling and enjoying a sense of escapism. I like immersing myself in the local culture and always try to spend time with locals, just sitting and chatting. I love sitting squashed in a cramped bus on hessian sacks full of rice, or in the back of a truck or the roof of a train being crammed in with locals all staring at me, the curious looking creature in their midst. Those moments are what I remember most; sharing food and trying to communicate with the help of a phrase book. On a 50 hour train journey to Tibet we learned to count to ten with locals who did not speak one word of English. In Latin America I really got involved when learning to speak Spanish and it far enriched my experience. I like to follow local customs and traditions as well as trying local dishes and of course enjoying the local tipple.

woman on top of munnar mountain in Kerala India


Breathtaking scenery is what it’s all about for me, sitting back and thinking; ‘Wow that was worth the swim/hike/ride/climb’ and being left with a sense of feeling just blown away. I love beach combing and I find I get addicted to clicking my camera when walking as each view on the horizon is better than the one before. Walking and running are big passions of mine and whilst travelling I enjoy getting off the beaten track and exploring. One of the best experiences I have had is walking the Camino de Santiago – a month across Spain where I witnessed many a sunrise and sunset. Probably the best sunrise ever though was at Everest Base Camp in Tibet last year.

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As well as my role as a full-time Team Leader, I’m also part of the Meaningful Travel team.

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