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Cliffs and blue sea in Greece

Why Greece Should Be On Your Bucket List


Embark on a journey through the heart of Greece, a country with a rich past and warm culture. A place where you can immerse yourself in centuries-old architecture, time-honoured traditions, and delicious local cuisine. Beyond the mainland, explore Greece's numerous islands, both well-known and hidden gems, for a spot of relaxation by the sea. Read on to find out why Greece should be on your bucket list.
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History brought to life

Greece is bursting with ancient ruins, each with its own captivating narrative, and more intriguing than the last. The epicentre of Greek history lies in its capital, Athens. Not only is this city the birthplace of democracy, but an open-air museum adorned with stately columns, grand gates, and the iconic Acropolis. Athens is a must-visit for any history enthusiast and is just the start. History emits from all corners of this country so be sure to include trips to Greece’s other ancient cities too.

Athens buildings Greece
Meteora Greece buildings on cliff blue sky

Majestic monasteries

Just outside the village of Kastraki, you’ll see the towering rock formations coming into view of Meteora. Right at the top, monasteries perch, seemingly suspended in the air. This remarkable area is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a great spot for some hiking during your holiday. With breathtaking scenery this is an absolute must for your Greece bucket list.

Thousands of islands to explore

The beauty of Greece’s islands lies in the fact that there are always hidden corners where you can savour an authentic, crowd-free experience. Escape the tourist hordes and craft your own island-hopping itinerary with our help, taking you to islands where the tranquil Greek way of life remains untouched. A great way to spend an afternoon is sipping ouzo on a beautiful island – an essential experience for your bucket list.

Santorini buildings at sunset

Whitewashed houses

We’ve all seen the postcard-perfect images of white-washed houses overlooking the sapphire sea, and these breathtaking scenes truly do exist in Greece. Santorini is one of the more renowned islands, offering the Cyclades’ most mesmerising sunsets. Sure it’s touristy, but a stunning spot well worth a visit during your Greece holiday.

Greek hospitality

In Greece, the locals take immense pleasure in sharing their culture with visitors. Whether you’re exploring Athens with a knowledgeable guide, participating in a cooking workshop in Galaxidi, or indulging in ouzo tasting in Nafplio, you’ll encounter warmth and sincerity in every interaction. For us, this is the most compelling reason to include Greece on your bucket list. The Greek people are exceptionally hospitable, which is best enjoyed alongside a glass of ouzo – cheers!

Man raising wine glass at tasting

Plan your own holiday to Greece

Added Greece to your bucket list? We can help you plan your holiday, just get in touch and we’ll do the rest!

Emma in a Greek town
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