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Best Time to Visit Borneo

Climate and weather

Borneo can be visited during the entire year. The most rain falls from October through February, with December and January producing the most rainfall in the area surrounding Kuching in Sarawak. Don’t let this stop you from travelling here during this time of year though. A bit of refreshing rainfall during the tropical heat can be very welcome.

In the northern part of Borneo (Sabah area) rainfall is heaviest from August through January, but as ever in the tropics it will most likely be heavy downpours for a few hours in the evening before clearing up. In general there is less rainfall in Sabah than in Sarawak.

Borneo Average weather conditions chart
Average weather conditions
Borneo Average temperatures chart
Average temperatures

Sabah (East) – when to go

Sabah has two weather seasons, a dry spell from February to August, and a wetter period from September to January. However the weather is unpredictable and is it not uncommon to have bright sunshine followed by a bout of heavy rain. The good news is that these tropical downpours help cut through the humidity and provide welcome relief from the heat. The sun often follows the showers and things dry up pretty quickly.

For those keen to witness turtle hatching on the beaches, the best time to travel is July to October. Out of season there is still a good chance to see the turtles being released, especially on Lankayan Island and Turtle Island.

Borneo Lankayan baby turtles on beach
Borneo sarawak hanging orangutan

Sarawak (West) – when to go

Sarawak expects slightly higher rainfall than it’s neighbouring regionb Sabah, but has more distinct wet and dry seasons. Temperatures remain hot throughout the year, and the best time to visit the beach is from April to September when it is more likely to be dry.

December and January are generally more stormy than the other months of the year, and if you are planning to  travel then, ensure you have plenty of waterproof clothing. Wildlife lodges across Borneo are well prepared for rain showers and most will be able to provide gum boots and umbrellas!