I travel for

Man standing in mountain range celebrating

Stunning Scenery

There is nothing I love more than hiking! I enjoy exploring a hard-to-reach place and the sense of freedom it gives you (I also love having an excuse to eat a huge post-hike meal!) The main value for me though is in the incredible scenery that it opens up. I don’t find any challenge too hard as long as I have beautiful views to take my mind off of it.

Man in local family home

Peace of Mind

Travelling gives me the necessary time and space I need to think, reflect and make decisions (normally the decision to keep travelling more). I love the diverse range of people you meet and there is no better way to put all your worries into perspective by interacting with someone from a completely different culture. Experiences, like being invited into the home of a family living a 5-hour walk from the nearest village, make it hard to get worked up by any ‘first world problems’ that arise.


It might seem reductive to say it but the beginning of every adventure I have found myself on has been the search for fun. For me, travelling is all about having unique experiences and making sure you have as much fun as possible in the process. Even if something doesn’t seem like fun at the time, it definitely will be when you’re telling your friends and family of your mishaps when you return!

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