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I love meeting new people! Whether they be locals or friends you make along the way, every encounter leaves you with a new outlook on life. You learn so much by spending time observing and speaking to people. A favourite memory of mine was when I was staying in Tordi Sagar in India, I went for a wander and found myself walking 3 local children to school. All they wanted was to see was the picture on my camera, as they’d not seen a photo of themselves before. It was a humbling experience and a lot of fun!

paula on the boat eating

The journey

I love every part of travelling, even those bits in the middle that get you from one place to another. Whether it be a sleeper train in Vietnam, a jeep in India or a chicken bus in Costa Rica, I love to embrace the challenge of the journey itself and make the best of it. Even when you train breaks down in the middle of the night and you end up on a bus full of people – take the opportunity to make new friends that are heading the same way and can laugh about it with you… after you’ve all had decent night’s sleep!

bolivia salt flats

Amazing views

Some of the places I’ve seen have been simply breath taking. A lot of the time I found pictures just couldn’t do them justice. I’ve watched the sun rise over Angkor Wat, and set sitting on a boulder on the edge of the Grand Canyon. I’ve seen the amazing hues of blue change in the Whitsunday Islands and watched the mist clear over Machu Picchu. The salt flats of Bolivia go as far as the eye can see and there’s nothing quite like a boat ride around Halong Bay.

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