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A China Adventure | Jen & Stephen


We always encourage our customers (fondly known as Ramblers) to contribute travel tales to our blog on their return, and in this post we’re pleased to introduce Jen and Stephen who embarked on a trip of a lifetime to China, walking The Great Wall, visiting the famous Panda reserve in Chengdu and sailing in between the Karst Mountains of the Yulong River. On their return Jen sent us some of her favourite holiday snaps, with her comments about each one...
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Temple of Heaven

“The first photo was taken at the Temple of Heaven in Beijing. Although this was a ridiculously windy day (hence my ridiculous hair that day!) we had a great day and our tour guide was very good with a good knowledge of the history and a few jokes.

Couple by temple
Travellers with locals

Rice terraces in Ping’an

We also visited the rice terraces in Ping’an. We took a tour around the area with our guide, Amy, she introduced us to her auntie and they took us passion fruit picking. This was great fun particularly since Amy and her auntie could walk easily under the passion fruit vines whereas Stephen nearly had to crawl along the ground because he was too tall. We ate a lot of passion fruits – probably more than we actually helped pick!

The Great Wall

The photo taken at The Great Wall marks a great day. Once you get over the insane driving in Beijing and make it onto the expressway you can start to relax. Although our driver didn’t have much English we were able to communicate with him and organise a time to meet back up. The trek itself was challenging but well worth the effort. We did the section between Simatai and Jinshanling, the views were amazing…

Couple on the Great Wall

Pandas in Chengdu

Here’s a snap taken when we went to visit the panda reserve in Chengdu. This was a day that I was personally looking forward to and it didn’t disappoint!

Dining in style in Hong Kong

Last stop was Hong Kong and it was time for a bit of luxury and relaxation. We decided to get dressed up and treat ourselves to a fancy dinner. We had a fantastic meal in the 3 Michelin star restaurant Lung King Heen in the Four Seasons hotel.

Couple dinner
Couple, rice terraces

Happy travellers

We wouldn’t hesitate in recommending now Rickshaw Travel to any of our friends and family. Everything was organised extremely well by the team which left us free of worry and able to enjoy our China adventure!”