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Accommodation in China

accommodation outside

During your trip with us you’ll stay in accommodation that reflects the character of your surroundings. You’ll experience a wide variety of styles and standards, for example you might spend the night in a Tibetan-style guest house or in a comfy hotel on a tropical beach. We use a hand-picked selection of authentic hotels with lots of local character with the right combination of  cleanliness, location, friendly staff and good service.

Special Stay accommodation – Category 4

During your China trip, you might decide that you’d like to treat yourself to something a bit more comfortable. These hotels are large and more equipped with a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, bar and several restaurants. This option to upgrade your accommodation to comfort level 4 is available in the larger cities of Hong Kong and Beijing.

swimming pool
hotel beds

Standard Accommodation – Category 3

A warm and inviting atmosphere, small-scale charm, comfort, cleanliness and a favourable location are all the main features of this category. They range from a lodge located on a mountainside, a guest house in Tibetan style, a modern in the heart of Xian or a courtyard hotel nestled away in one of Beijing’s Hutongs. Most of the accommodation offered by Rickshaw Travel falls within this category.

Simple Accommodation – Category 2

Sometimes when deciding where to stay, there aren’t as many options or where you’ll stay isn’t as important as what you’ll experience. Our simple accommodation category offers you modest, yet reasonably comfortable accommodation options. You’ll have your own room with en-suite bathroom but since these hotels tend to be located in more rural areas, electricity and hot water can sometimes be sporadic.

lodge in mountains