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Meet our guides and drivers in China

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By working closely with our local partner in China, we can ensure that our customers not only have a friendly face to greet them on arrival, but also are in the capable hands of knowledgeable and trained guides and drivers who will ensure their China holiday runs smoothly from start to finish.
Although our trips allow you to travel China as independently as possible, by organising transfers we can make sure that your time is spent enjoying the culture and sights around you and not wasted on logistics! Our guides and drivers are experts in their areas and will be proud to guide you around their home country, offering hints and tips along the way.

staff with local partner
local guide Susan

Susan Yang

Meet Susan, one of our guides working with our local office in China. She describes herself as confident, optimistic and diligent and if she had the chance would love to visit Northern Europe. Here’s a bit about Susan’s experience living in China…

‘I grew up in the North-Eastern part of China in Heilongjiang province. China is not only a lasting imperial country, but also a thriving trading country that develops very fast and that’s one reason why people should visit. The best thing about the country is the Chinese culture and the food. To travellers I’d recommend traditional meals such as the peking duck, Chinese dumplings and the hot-pot which is a stew of meat and potatoes in a covered pot. Try and take home some souvenirs such as jade, silk, Chinese tea and a peking opera mask!’

Ronald Kong

Ronald, (who likes to be called Ron for short) is our local guide who grew up in and works in Canton, also known as Guangzhou. Here he shares why he enjoys living and travelling in China…

‘One of the reasons why I chose this job is because I really like travelling. My next target will be Europe and I’m working on getting there! I like to meet different people when I’m working as a tour guide and whoever visits I treat as a friend of mine. I think the best bit about China is that the people here are very friendly. Even the ones that can’t understand English will always show a smiling face to others.

There is also the Chinese food – some people come here to try the food. As a local guide in Canton I personally would recommend you to try the roast goose, barbeque pork and the fresh seafood in Canton because Canton is famous for the delicious food known as ‘food paradise’. So if you like Chinese food, you should come to Canton.
Some others come to take photos, some to study the history and some to enjoy the local customs which are different from the countries they came from. There will be a lot of reasons why people come to visit China but I can say you won’t regret it if you do come. All you need to bring is a healthy body and the curiosity of travelling China.’

local guide Ronald
local guide, Annie

He Lang Yin (Annie)

Our next guide is He Lang Yin, who also uses the English name Annie and describes herself as optimistic. If she could visit anywhere in the world it would be Europe but here’s what she has to say about her home country of China…

‘I love and enjoy my life. I grew up in Yangshuo, a county in Guilin, Guangxi Province. China has a long history so people can visit to understand the Chinese culture. The best thing about China is the fine food – I would recommend the Guilin noodles to travellers which is a local breakfast often served with horse meat but can also be ordered without. Remember to pack a raincoat when visiting for the rainy season!’

Yang Gaoliang

Lastly meet Yang, one of our drivers who grew up in Shanghai, the most populated city in the world! Hawaii is top of his travel bucket list, and he was happy to tell us a little about his life and what he would recommend to anyone travelling in China…

‘I have 10 years experience as a driver and I love my job very much. People should visit China as we have 5000 years of history and we love to help each other, especially here in Shanghai. If I were to recommend a traditional dish to visitors it would be Chinese dumplings.’

local guide Yang