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About Rickshaw China

Meet our team of China travel specialists

We know that planning a China holiday can seem a little daunting. That’s why our dedicated China travel specialists are on hand to help you. Using their in-depth knowledge of the country, they’ll arrange everything from excursions and small-scale accommodation to local transport and international flights. With plenty of their own exciting travel experiences under their belts,  they’ll be on hand to advise, inspire and answer any questions you have. Even better, you’ll also receive 24-hour support from our English speaking China-based local partner during your travels.

Rob in China


China is a mystery that really needs to be experienced to be understood, there is a lot more than meets the eye and I loved this country more the deeper I delved into it. I think this is why our customers love experiencing our trips here so much. It still leans heavily on its great past, while also rushing into a new future, and these two aspects collide throughout the journey here. You rush between ancient cities on bullet trains, hurtling past beautiful countryside, learning about a civilisation and culture which has been unbroken for thousands of years.


From the iconic Great Wall to the vibrant cityscapes, China has a blend of ancient history and modern wonders. The bustling markets, delicious street food, and the warm hospitality of the people have made this country truly memorable for me. China’s diverse landscapes, from serene mountains to bustling urban hubs, offer a such a range of different experiences.

David Travel Specialist