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The Best Adventure Holidays


What is an adventure holiday? Well, I guess it means different things to different people. It could be a trip full of water-sports followed by an epic skydive, or perhaps for you, it’s a trek up the mountains, deep into the Himalayas. However you look at it, we offer endless options to give you an adventure of a lifetime.
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Trekking / Hiking

Trek to lost kingdoms in Peru

If you want to follow in the footsteps of the Incas, then trekking the classic Inca Trail to Machu Picchu has your name written all over it. Peru’s Inca Trail is possibly the most famous trek in South America, but it’s just one of many incredible trekking options. In the South, the Inca Trails can take you off the usual tourist trail, while a hike down the Colca Canyon sees traditional villages or you could spot giant condors sky-high. In the North, you’ll find ample trekking opportunities among the glistening glaciers and the world’s best mountain ranges. We offer 7 treks throughout Peru that take diverse routes with various time frames, so you’ll find the adventure fit for you.

Peru Machu Picchu
Local people carrying Myanmar

Rolling hills and valleys of Myanmar

Our treks in Myanmar are more ‘easy-going’ than our other destinations – with gentle rolling hills and traditional rural villages, Myanmar is the perfect place for a pleasant trek. It’s not so much about counting blisters on your feet, it’s about smiling faces and waving hands of the locals whilst walking through the beautiful rural landscapes and the authentic cultural encounters that await.

Hike between snowy peaks in Nepal

Nepal is a natural playground for hikers and one of the best places on the planet to wear your walking boots. Treks in Nepal come in all kinds of shapes and sizes… literally! From 3 days to almost 3 weeks there are plenty of options, so if you’ve got the spirit for this kind of adventure… and a sturdy pair of legs – you’re in for the trip of a lifetime. You can criss-cross the beautiful trails of the Himalayas through endless rainbow prayer flags fluttering in the hills, sleep in the rural mountain huts, explore the Kathmandu Valley on foot and follow in the footsteps of climbing legends on the way to Everest Base Camp.

Everest base camp people
Sri lanka elephant


Ahh, wildlife. The best thing about experiences like this is the endless opportunities to explore the animal kingdoms on an ethical wildlife-packed adventure! Our world is jam-packed with amazing wildlife – from elephants to whales and tigers to penguins, and to make this even better… Rickshaw has it all!

Sri Lanka Safari

Sri Lanka might be modest in size but it’s one of our biggest destinations when it comes to wildlife: it’s a gentle country crammed with stunning backdrops, animals and national parks. Two of the most popular wildlife experiences we have in Sri Lanka is our ‘Elephants in Buddhas Garden’ trip and ‘The wild heart of Yala National Park’, which both take you on a jeep safari to spot some of the country’s most famous inhabitants, wild Sri Lanka elephants. But Sri Lanka isn’t just famous for elephants, the country is also home to crocodiles, dolphins, exotic birds, whales and leopards! All of these animals are spotted in their natural environments – come on, who can turn down the opportunity to clock a leopard or whale?!

Costa Rica’s Rainforests

There is no doubt that one of Costa Rica’s main attractions is its variety and abundance of wildlife. If you’re looking for a wildlife adventure, but not sure where then we solely recommend escaping into the rainforest of Costa Rica! You can drift between rivers to beaches scattered with nesting turtles, hear monkeys chatter in the treetops and go in search of coatis along wild jungle trails. Costa Rica is also a bird-watchers paradise: there are hundreds of native species here, including a national favourite – the quetzal, which can be spotted in the cloud forests of Monteverde. But hey, not all the adventure happens on land, you can visit the only underwater national park here, Marino Ballena – where if you’re lucky, you can spot dolphins swim and glide within the waves.

Costa Rica trees monkey
Borneo monkey on the tree

Borneo’s Jungles 

Did you know that Borneo ranks as one of the world’s top wildlife holiday destinations?! Yep, from meeting Orangutans at the Sepilok sanctuary, snorkelling with turtles around coral islands or experience thousands of bats emerge at dusk – Borneo is full of real ‘Attenborough’ adventures! One of our favourite wildlife trips is the jungle boat cruise heads down the Kinabatangan river. You’ll spot various species of monkeys, lizards, crocodiles, otters and countless tropical birds, before visiting the Tabin Wildlife Reserve and swimming with turtles In Lankayan – there’s no such thing as too much choice!


Adrenaline junkie = someone with a compulsive desire for excitement and adventure. Sound like you? Every holiday has to have some element of activity in it, right? But if you’re feeling a bit more daring than others, then these types of activities are probably right up your street. After all, nobody wants their travel album to look boring?!

Sandboarding in Nicaragua

Cerro Negro is close to Leon and is Nicaragua’s youngest and smallest volcano – yet among some of the most active – and guess what? You can board down one… yep… on some cardboard! You’ll drive through rugged scenery and sandy paths to a black mountain of ash, where you’ll begin a small but quite tough climb up, before sliding down the side for hundreds of meters. I have an adrenaline rush just thinking about it.

Woman and man Nicaragua boarding
Vietnam woman on the bike smiling

Motorbike through Vietnam

If you’ve done your research or been to Vietnam before – you’ll understand what I mean when I say traffic. But imagine whizzing through the traffic on the back of a vintage Vespa? If you’re looking for an adventure holiday that screams activity with a bit of a tasty treat involved, then our scooting through Saigon trip was made for you. You’ll weave through a maze of alleys and cut-throughs and stop at some local hangouts to try some authentic street food dishes whilst hitting up some live bars and truly secret spots – it’s an adrenaline and foodie adventure rolled into one!

Diving in Brazil

Does your kind of adventure involve taking a plunge into the ocean and discovering a whole new world beneath the waves? Brazil has 7490km of coastline, and the best diving spot is Fernando de Noronha. It’s a volcanic archipelago which boasts warm water, caves, tunnels and many reef creatures. The coral reefs and shipwrecks in these waters are inhabited by countless species of colourful tropical fish, dolphins, sharks and sea turtles to dive or snorkel amongst. With just 1 island inhabited out of 21 and restrictions on daily visitor numbers, this piece of paradise is a must for anyone looking to adventure through the ocean.

Malaysia snorkelling
Japan food sushi

Food adventures

The UK population is known for loving a bit of tasty grub to sink our teeth into – so what’s better than travelling to a new destination and sampling some local cuisine? Come on, be adventurous! Our foodie trips will have your mouth watering at just the thought!


With a wealth of influences, styles, flavours and types – there’s something for everyone to munch on in Japan. No matter where you go, there will always be delicious food right around the corner. Our experience in Takayama takes you to a local market where you’ll learn all about traditional plants and herbs before delving into the art of Japanese cuisines – and be shown the basics of Japanese cooking before enjoying a tasty lunch! From Sushi to Donburi, and Okazu to Sake, what more could you want for a foodie adventure? Looking for some top restaurants in Tokyo, then read our Tokyo restaurants guide!


Argentina is famous for a fair few things – tango dancing, football and of coursesteak and wine! Wine tasting is an adventure in itself, right? You can get a taste of the good life in Mendoza, which is steeped in fine wine and sunshine. And with our experience, you’ll burn off a few of those calories by cycling between vineyards with snowy peaked backdrops, all before putting them back on again with some wine sampling over the Andes. After a good few glasses, you’ll even be treated to a three-course lunch – and yep, more wine!

Vineyard people on the bikes
Thailand man is eating


Thailand isn’t just known for its white sand beaches and swaying coconut palms – it’s also famous for its delicious cuisine, from spicy coconut curries and stir-fried noodles to fresh papaya salad and crispy spring rolls – oops, I hope your mouth isn’t watering too much already?! In Ko Lanta, you can discover all sorts of flavours when taking your own cooking class, learning all about these dishes for yourself. The dishes made are different every day – but you can expect a variety – from rich, creamy curries and hot and sour soups to fresh, leafy salads, stir-fried vegetables or caramelised fish. Yum!