• Traditonal Japanese Ryokan onsen stone spa bath from natural spring
  • Traditonal Japanese Ryokan Hotel room
  • in style bedroom
  • In Style exterior of hotel
  • Snug hotel room
  • Cedar wood bath with view of Takayama

In Style Accommodation - Category 4

If you fancy staying in accommodation that has a little extra breathing space in your room, some added creature comforts or perhaps a fantastic central location with good access to a town’s top sights, our In Style options should be right up your street. With this category, you might find yourself in a locally-owned hotel with spacious rooms and right across the road there could be a towering, centuries-old castle, or a traditional Ryokan overlooking the spectacular Japanese Alps.

  • Small hotel room
  • Small, indoor onsen
  • Traditional Japanese eating area
  • Modern hotel room with double bed
  • Modern hotel lobby
  • Traditional style Japanese room
  • Leafy hotel exterior
  • Modern hotel room with twin beds

Standard Accommodation - Category 3

When picking hotels for this category, we’ve looked for good value accommodation in good locations, as close as possible to transport links. Japanese hotel rooms in this category tend to be more snug than what you might be used to, though they will have everything you need for a comfortable stay. You could be staying in a good central hotel right across from the city train station or perhaps close to a national monument or park.

Bright neon lights and signs in the streets of Osaka

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Traditional Japanese castle with blue sky

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cherry blossom and lanterns in kyoto


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