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Accommodation in India

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We use a hand-picked selection of small-scale authentic hotels, full of local character. You’ll experience a wide variety of styles, for example you might spend a night in a desert tent, enjoy a night on a cosy houseboat as it drifts through tropical backwaters, or laze in a cosy bungalow on the beach. We rate our accommodation using 4 categories.


In Style Accommodation – Category 4

Our In Style accommodation will give you a little extra something in terms of facilities, creature comforts or atmosphere. Perhaps a converted colonial tea estate, a former historic castle or a boutique beach hotel.

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hotel room

Standard Accommodation – Category 3

In this category you can expect a favourable location, small-scale charm and plenty of local character. It could be a charming cottage in the middle of a National Park, a quirky mid-range hotel on the banks of the Ganges River or a cosy haveli decorated with traditional Rajasthani elegance.

Simple Accommodation – Category 2

Sometimes in India, the accommodation facilities just aren’t as important as the surroundings. In this category you can expect modest accommodation with private facilities; a family run guest house down a quiet side street or plain hotel with a majestic view of the mountains and countryside.

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Basic Accommodation – Category 1

The facilities in this category won’t be what you will be used to in the west but it offers a truly authentic way of seeing India. You could be floating down the Keralan backwaters on a traditional houseboat or sharing a berth with the locals on a sleeper train.