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Accommodation in Canada

woman sitting with mountains and lake in front

When you travel with us to Canada you’ll experience lots of different types of accommodation along the way, each with their own charm. We try to opt for small-scale accommodation with plenty of local character wherever we can. From central city hotels, to lakeside lodges and everything in between.

In Style Accommodation – Category 4

If you’re looking for accommodation with a bit more comfort, then our In Style options should be right up your street. In this category, you can expect a little extra something in terms of facilities or service, like a lakeside Jacuzzi at your log cabin or a stylish boutique city hotel.

hotel lobby stone walls
cabin by the lake

Standard Accommodation – Category 3

Our standard option will give you small-scale charm full of local character in great locations. From modern city hotels, to log cabins surrounded by ancient trees, this category is the majority of our accommodation. We try to use small-scale wherever we can to give you a local flavour of the areas you are visiting.

Simple Accommodation – Category 2

Who cares about creature comforts when you’re sleeping in a tipi or a safari-style tent! This category covers some of our ‘glamping’ options where you’re really sleeping out amongst Canada’s nature – you will still have proper beds and maybe even a refreshing swimming pool and restaurant on site though. You’ll also find some of the roadside motels we use to break up your journey in this category.

tipi tents mountains background yellow flowers around
view outside of tent still lake and mountain reflections

Basic Accommodation – Category 1

Our basic accommodation is all about unique experiences. If you are heading out into the wilderness on a camping trip, this is the category you can expect, compost toilet and all, the stunning location will make it worth your while!