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Building Trust

By being transparent, open and honest and creating opportunities to learn and grow.

For example, our Travel Specialists don’t work on personal commission. So you can trust you’re getting honest advice. If we don’t think a trip is right for you, we won’t suggest it. Simple!

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Being Brave

Creating space for you to challenge yourself, do things differently and help you realise your purpose.

Sometimes it can be a little difficult to step outside your comfort zone, so we provide 24/7 support whilst you’re away (in the unlikely event you will need it). You’ll also get a comprehensive Know Before You Go, put together by our destination experts.

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Keeping it Real

You can be your true self, by creating a connection, building genuine relationships and keeping things friendly and informal.

We don’t want people to feel like they have to turn up to work in their best suit and tie, we’d much rather see what eclectic mix of clothes they have in their wardrobe, so we don’t have a dress code. You can turn up to work and just be yourself!

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Feeling Valued

By remembering we are all individuals, recognising all achievements and encouraging you to make a unique contribution, by being truly involved.

As well as tailoring your trip to your individual needs you’ll also have the same team for the life of your booking, from that first phone call to sending us your travel pics. No “customer service department” and no “cut and paste answers” for you.

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Making an Impact

Through empowering people, treating them with respect, looking after the planet and creating enriching experiences.

We care about offering meaningful travel experiences where everybody benefits. You’ll get under the skin of the local culture, see incredible sights and maybe even learn something new whilst at the same time supporting and preserving the local communities that make these places so special.

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Doing it Together

By supporting, empathising and looking out for each other. Working with people who share our spirit.

We work with a huge range of carefully selected local partners around the world who, like us, live and breath meaningful travel. Of course, we take full advantage of their local knowledge and expertise! We also support local projects in each of our destinations.

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