Travel Specialists

We’re proud to have built up a team of passionate Travel Specialists who each have extensive travel experience and really enjoy creating adventures for our customers. Each of our Travel Specialists has a dedicated country they focus on so you can rest assured you’re in safe hands for the duration of your booking and whilst you are in destination.

Product and Finance

Our product department sources meaningful travel experiences for our customers. When they are not working closely with our local partners they are often in the field, checking the trips we offer are up to scratch and keeping an eye out for any exciting new locations that catch their eye. Our finance team hold the company purse strings, and make sure all our receipts are in order.


Behind the scenes, the Marketing Team work hard to ensure the website is inspiring and accurate while tirelessly spreading the word of meaningful travel to our customers and beyond. They can also be found changing their minds about their next holiday destination each day!

Senior Management

Our leadership team are keen travellers too. MD, Haydn left the UK in 1984 and spent the rest of the 80s travelling around the world before returning to start up Rickshaw Travel in 2008. Lloyd is a fan of all things Asia and even sneakily eloped to Bali! When Vicky can drag herself away from her lovable pup, Teddy, she loves an active holiday and can often be found playing volleyball in exotic destinations. Emily has travel in her blood and loves exploring new places and making genuine connections around the world.

Ramblers & Friends

Our customers are at the heart of Rickshaw. They travel the world with us, connecting with local communities, experiencing meaningful travel and loving every minute of the adventure. We love it when they share their travel diaries and photos with us on return from their trip, the whole team gets excited!

You can also read posts from travel bloggers, chums who have previously worked for Rickshaw and our local guides and drivers from across the globe. We always welcome friends of Rickshaw to guest post on our blog and we hope you enjoy reading all about their travel tales and tips.

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