Accommodation in Indonesia

There are over 17,000 islands in Indonesia, so it’s no wonder that there’s a huge variety of accommodation on offer. We’ve chosen a selection of small-scale, authentic accommodation full of local flavour. From cosy guesthouses surrounded by rice paddies to tropical beach bungalows on soft white sands, you’ll find an inviting atmosphere, local charm and great locations.

In Style Accommodation – Category 4

If you’d like a little extra comfort during your stay then you could upgrade to our In Style category. You’ll find a little something extra in terms of atmosphere or quality of facilities. It could be a former colonial mansion, a boutique beach resort or a traditional-style hotel among the rice paddies.


Standard Accommodation – Category 3

An authentic atmosphere and small-scale local charm are the most important elements in our category 3 accommodation. You can expect a beach bungalow perched on soft white sand, a cosy hotel in the grounds of a Balinese water palace or hill top cottage with views of Bali’s coastline.


Simple Accommodation – Category 2

In the more remote areas of Indonesia accommodation facilities just aren’t as important as what you’ll see when you step out your front door. The rooms will be a lot more modest. More rustic. But you might have a view of a nearby volcano, be able to chat to the local owner of a small guesthouse or sleep in the middle of the Sumatran jungle.


Basic Accommodation – Category 1

In this category you’ll find only cold running water or perhaps shared facilities. For example, you might sleep in a tent on the crater of a volcano or perhaps stay in the home of a local family on remote Flores.


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