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Duration14 days / 13 nights (flexible)


ItineraryMochlos - Lassithi - Agia Galini - Chora Skafion - Chania

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Experience Crete without the crowds and tourist hot-spots: we have combined the island’s best-kept secrets to wow you on your journey across this beloved island. Immerse into the rich ancient culture, enjoy a warm welcome everywhere you go, unwind on palm-fringed beaches and head out on amazing hikes! You will leave the tourist trails behind and feel like a real explorer during this exciting adventure.

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Time for Mochlos

On arrival to this lesser visited part of Crete, you will be greeted by the white houses with coloured shutters and flowering bougainvilleas. Mochlos is a small fishing village and somewhere you will immediately feel at home in. Check into your small hotel that has stunning views over the bay and a beach just a few minutes away. On your first day, take the time to explore the small fishing village at your leisure and enjoy Greek cuisine in typical taverns.

a church overlokking the blue sea

Today it’s time to hit the open sea, as you take a boat from Agios Nikolaos and sail to Spinalonga, a small island with a special past. At the beginning of the 20th century it was a leper colony. After a few hours exploring the island, you’ll end the trip and head back to Agios Nikolaos and wander around Lake Voulismeni. Located in the middle of the city, it is bustling with life. If you prefer to laze around, you can always visit Voulisma beach instead of the city. After a relaxing start the following morning, you can explore the northeast coast where you will find the palm beach of Vai, one of the remaining primeval palm tree forests on the island.

rocky coastline

Windmills on the Lassithi Plateau

You’ll arrive on the Lasshiti plateau today and quickly notice that the climate is a bit cooler and the pace of life slower after leaving the coast behind and taking the winding road through the Dikte Mountains. Finding yourself in the middle of Crete’s rural life, you are in a protected nature reserve where the inhabitants are fond of their old customs and traditions. Time stands still in villages like Tzermiado and Agios Georgios, where you’ll find your traditional guest house. Check in, drop your bags off and head out to one of the local restaurants for a traditional Greek feast.

mountains in the distance

Today you will explore what is thought to be first wind farm in Europe. There were once a total of about 15,000 windmills on the plain. When the Venetians inhabited the island, they decided to grow grain here. They drained the land through a smart irrigation system that also used windmills, which is how the windmill park was created over the centuries. Now there are still a number of mills from the 15th century that you can admire. Walk through the green countryside and find farmers busy on the land, with the fresh scent of the mountain air accompanying you. For avid hikers, there are various hiking routes over overgrown mountain roads.

a tree in a valley

Positive Vibes at Agia Galini

Arrive in the small fishing village of Agia Galini, ready to relax for a few days. Spend your mornings deciding how to spend your day over a delicious breakfast at your boutique hotel. After checking in today you can walk straight onto the beach or head to the small streets of the village walking up the hill finding a table at one of the local restaurants tasting the fresh produce of the day.

a boat floats on on blue water

The next few days are free for you to do as you please. You could take a trip to nearby Matala. In the 1960s, this seaside resort was popular with hippies drawn here by the chalk cliffs with deep caves that surround the beach. Using these caves as a place to sleep many called this beach home. The old center of the village is still car-free so it’s nice and quiet with souvenir shops, cosy bars and a wide choice of restaurants. It’s also worth the drive to Preveli Beach, one of the two remaining primeval palm forests that you will find on Crete. Walk through the palm grove over rocks and along a river that flows straight into the sea. About a short drive or walk from the beach are the beautiful ruins of Preveli Monastery, where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the bay.

palm trees line a river in a gorge

Hiking the Imbros Gorge

Today you will travel over mountains and along gorges, spotting the Lefka Ori mountains in the distance. The scent of pines and tamarisk will let you know you have arrived in Chora Sfakion. This is the perfect base for a few active days and you will sleep in a small hotel with a balcony and sea view that is walking distance to the two main streets, taverns and the beach. Take the evening to relax and build up some energy for your active day tomorrow!

a wooden rail along a stony path

After a hearty breakfast this morning, you’ll put on your hiking boots and head to the Imbros Gorge. It’s less known than its bigger sister, Samaria, so it is quieter and allows you to go at your own pace. We’ll arrange a taxi to take you to the entrance of the gorge, then equipped with a hiking map and a picnic lunch you will hike through the five-mile canyon. At the exit of the gorge you can freshen up in one of the small taverns before embarking on the more relaxing 5kms back to Chora Sfakion.

a group walk through a cave

Golden Chania

As you arrive into Chania you will feel something special. The influence of the Venetian, Ottoman and Egyptian periods are everywhere – brightly colored mansions, Turkish minarets and the picturesque harbor. Within the old city walls you walk under arches through a maze of cozy narrow streets and alleys eventually arriving at The Giali Tzamisi Mosque. Check into your hotel and drop your bags off. The family that runs your hotel knows these streets well so feel free to ask for some tips.

Golden Chania

Today you’ll meander through the winding streets, strolling into the old town and discovering the many lovingly decorated shops selling various handicrafts. After a walk through the colourful market hall, grab yourself a frappé (Greek iced coffee) in one of the cafes on the boulevard and enjoy the view of the city’s landmark Egyptian lighthouse at the harbour. On day three you’ll head to an area where the olive groves and lemon plantations undulate over the rolling hills. This is Kolymbari, the centre of olive cultivation on Crete. The olive oil that comes from here is known throughout Europe, so you will visit a small olive oil museum in Spilia to learn about the olive fruit, the tree and the oil – a culinary and traditional introduction to Greek cuisine in Crete.

an olivve tree in a garden
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